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Please recommend computer gaming chair

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Moisoiopaoiuio, Oct 10, 2019.

  1. Moisoiopaoiuio

    Moisoiopaoiuio New Member

    I spend up to 16 hours a day in front of my computer and currently have one of those typical "executive gaming chairs". It's comfortable,but it's not ergonomic at all. I need something with lumbar support, head/neck support with some tilting features at the minimum.
    I am curious if it would be possible to find a chair with high back by design for less than $100.
    I found a few amazing ones,but they all cost at least $135(eg. this one: computer desk chairs
    If I can find something similar under $100, that would be amazing. Any suggestions?
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  2. xARACHN1D

    xARACHN1D Well-Known Member

  3. Sye_The-Vie

    Sye_The-Vie Active Member

    Amazon prices maybe tempting, but they hide the excessive shipping fees and tax fees.
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  4. xARACHN1D

    xARACHN1D Well-Known Member

    This one has free shipping and would arrive VERY soon.
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  5. Sye_The-Vie

    Sye_The-Vie Active Member

    Thunder X3 brand is good
  6. Maybe this one will do? I have the same chair. I work at the computer for about 10 hours and it is quite convenient. My back doesn't hurt after work.
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  7. Whatever chair you get, buy a Tempur-Pedic pillow to sit on. It's AMAZING
  8. Jenjar

    Jenjar Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    I use a Staples Osgood Leather Manager's chair. I have had it now for close to 5 years, and it is showing its age (leather peeling off, etc.), however I find it quite comfortable still. Here in Canada (not sure about other countries), it has a 5 year warranty as well, and a year ago when the arms and seat started to wear, I called the company and they sent me two armrests and a new seat with no questions asked. I have not gotten around to installing those new parts though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

    It does retail for more than $100 U.S (Here in Canada it is around $250 CAD), however it is always on sale here for $175 CAD or so, and I would imagine it is the same in the U.S as well.
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  9. kennethyha

    kennethyha Active Member

    Just curious, anyone bought and used a gaming chair and after 5 years there is still no leather crack?
  10. I totally agree with @Jenjar Thank you bro
  11. koshtan

    koshtan New Member

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  12. raresoupninja

    raresoupninja New Member

  13. KittyKat1988

    KittyKat1988 New Member

    I was given the CORSAIR T1 Race Gaming Chair for Christmas and it is so so comfortable. I gamed for half a day and didn't realise because my back and neck weren't aching at all during my gaming. I added a foot rest to the setup too and that also adds more comfort.
  14. brokeboish

    brokeboish New Member

    for ur 100 dollar budget, id be more concerned over the longevity and build quality of the chair rather than how comfortable it initially is. id bump up my budget and get something of quality
  15. cravenguy

    cravenguy New Member

    just wanna say, gaming chair recommendations is the best idea turned into a thread EVER
    especially the 100 dollar budget oml perfect for meee
  16. KennyNaboo

    KennyNaboo New Member

    IMO the best "gaming" chair isn't one of those typical racing seat type gaming chairs at all. Personally I think they're too stiff and gimmicky.

    The best gaming chair is a good office throne! Something that executives use.
    Herman Miller, HumanScale are examples.

    You can look for office closure sales, where they might be letting go used furniture cheap!

    I use a Herman Miller Aeron in gray. Got it cheap through an office closure sale.
    But I wished it had a headrest though.

    Would love to have one of these.
  17. Sundance99

    Sundance99 New Member

    100$ is cheap alu. Spend around 300$+ and you get a solid chair. Found the noblechairs ICON for me. Was a perfect decision.
  18. M-S-G

    M-S-G Well-Known Member

    $100 is a hell of a bargain. Got a Nitro Concept. This one. And with 250 Euro I find it quite cheap.
  19. M-S-G

    M-S-G Well-Known Member

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