Please replicate my issue with Fallout 4 & Tartarus V2

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by luxztizer, Feb 21, 2019.

  1. luxztizer

    luxztizer New Member

    Razer customer service seems to be unable or unwilling to actually read the problem. I was additionally told that there were no forums. Not sure where I am then.

    This issue is very simple to replicate but requires 3 things.
    1) Fallout 4
    2) Razer Synapse 3
    3) Tartarus V2

    All I'm doing is configuring the scroll wheel so that up selects one favorite weapon and down selects another. To do this I configured scroll up to keyboard bind the number 1 and scroll down to keyboard bind the number 2. I used the top row numbers and not the number pad. What happens is this.

    Rarely and randomly after constant scrolling my weapon will be selected.

    Additionally, if I try this in several other programs / games. (Skyrim SE, Borderland Pre Seq, Notepad) the scroll wheel works perfectly. Scrolling one way executes the keyboard command associated with the number 1, etc.

    Please test. If you can not replicate the issue then I know the issue is with my configuration, game, device, something. If you can replicate the issue then I know the issue is with either Synapse 3 or Fallout 4 and maybe someone at Razer will read about and stop asking me to reboot and reinstall synapse.

    Thank you in advance whatever the result.
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