Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by MoonDropStar, May 1, 2019.

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  1. MoonDropStar

    MoonDropStar New Member

    I'm getting tired of my Synapse 3 that keep disconnecting/reconnecting my Razer peripherals at random time. Sometimes, it disconnect entirely and need to restart my PC forcefully. The problem didn't occurs to me when I uninstalled Synapse 3.0 or not login into synapse. But I can't use my custom profile if I did that. I wish razer at least update it with offline while retain the basic functions. I know it's still in Beta. But, at least can Razer put offline mode feature while at it.
  2. notrandom1

    notrandom1 New Member

    Agreed. I hate that I MUST BE ONLINE to use this. I just purchased it, love how it works... hate that there is no OFFLINE MODE. You can't just cancel the login request... you can't choose a profile unless doing so...
    I'm looking for alternatives and will be returning this keyboard.
  3. Lusabit

    Lusabit Active Member

    Yes ! One more cause, not to buy products that need Synapse 3, until they brought it to a usable state !
    And it's still not !
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  4. Blues_Bernie

    Blues_Bernie New Member

    100% agreed! Just bought the Huntsman Keyboard for its gorgeous touch, but I may return it, if I will not find a way to use it offline soon! This is really annoying!
  5. BlackFireDragon

    BlackFireDragon Well-Known Member

    This question was long time before this topic :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: If i remember correct mayby we see this feture in future but for now there more core things to fix and add then ofline mode. Be patient dev team work to give us everything we need but this take time and work and everything cannot be done in one time.
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  6. ahtu222

    ahtu222 New Member

    Not everywhere have internet connection, don't know what they're thinking about
  7. SukiSuki16

    SukiSuki16 Well-Known Member

    you should have access to the internet and run synapse on it but i do agree there needs to be an offline mode of some kind. Sometimes profiles do take a while to boot up.
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  8. _nullptr_

    _nullptr_ New Member

    This is a stupid, totally avoidable, and critical user experience issue. I have to retype my password and re-log into synapse every time my computer wakes from sleep, otherwise these products don't work properly.

    This is a really fundamental user experience issue that is really broken, and has been for a very long time. Razer dev team, this is burning your companies reputation and costing you money. You should never have launched like this, but now that you have you should prioritize fixing this.
  9. Killi8n

    Killi8n Well-Known Member

    Yea same problem :slightly_sad:
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  10. HeliosDecade

    HeliosDecade New Member

    Same here getting tired of this.
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  11. The_Mythbuster

    The_Mythbuster New Member

    It is a shame! I have to use my notebooks outside my office without internet connection ... and there I have always that ******* keyboard light scheme!

    I really think about selling my machines and going back to other brands because of the Synapse software shit ...
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  12. Lusabit

    Lusabit Active Member

    Be patient ??? Nothing has happened since your post. They are simply ignoring customers desires!
    And this feature is realy not difficult to implement. So stop defending them, you are unreliable!
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  13. CrimsonWendigo

    CrimsonWendigo New Member

    Mine wont even load. Never stops saying that Synapse 3 is "not responding" as if I'm a clueless brainless dolt with no tech skills whatsoever. I'm trying to repair the files atm in case that is needed, otherwise, the app is just plain fucked and stuck in offline mode
  14. Kovoet

    Kovoet New Member

    The hardware is brilliant but synapse 3 there always seems to be a problem. In all the years I used the nostromo N52 I never had a problem. So wish Razer would sort out the software.
  15. le.frog

    le.frog New Member

    Just adding my name to the list of pissed off people.

    I really Don't want to have to enter yet another password just to use my keyboard. the logging process is also buggy, as we cannot store the password and every so often it accept my creds only to ask them again a few minutes later.

    There is a mentioned about priorities and more fundamental things that the devs need to work on 1st but I'd argue that a design flaw preventing the most basic function of the product is pretty fundamental.

    Really annoyed that I bought this.
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  16. RudeRen

    RudeRen New Member

    [Really annoyed that I bought this.]

    Same here.....

    But when you install the synapse 3 don't sign in or create an account, continue as a guest and it stays offline and you can still use most functions (including lighting)

    This solution was acceptable for me.
  17. Yeah, RudeRen's solution seemed to have solved alot of my woes.

    Indeed the Synapse software is too cloud dependent. My work shouldn't be interrupted by a prolonged Razer splashscreen and then a huge prompt asking for my Google credentials. The idea of having to sign in to another online service (even after opting to save my credentials!) every time I start my Razer Blade laptop is insane. Furthermore, the software makes itself utterly unusable when my laptop is late in receiving an internet connection. Consequently, I can't set my keyboard's backlighting to a less distracting color, and I have to use Task Manager to terminate the over five companionate peices of software in order to dismiss the unresponsive sign in prompt. This is unacceptable considering all the features the software offers soley enhance the LOCAL operation of the devices it runs on. As it's hinted in the license agreement, I suspect that this demand to always be online is primarily to fuel data collection. I choose Razer products because its hardware offers a perfect balance between gaming and creative work; however, its software threatens this prospect by making me interact with inconvenient, data-mining software just to attain less pretentious lighting.
  18. 1000% agree! I am using a Razer Tartarus Pro keypad and Naga Trinity mouse that become virtually useless when it somehow loses connection. I then have to end all tasks via task manager in order to even get my hardware to respond again. I have gone through tech support and it is always the same thing, Uninstall/Reinstall, over and over again. This has not solved the problem. This "beta" software is a joke. I am at the point that if they don't come up with a fix this week. I will return all the hardware and find an alternative solution and put Razer in the rear view mirror.
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  19. Yueh72

    Yueh72 New Member

    Agree too. Cloud only is a bunch...
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  20. Stoned2

    Stoned2 New Member

    Synapse3 still in BETA? And no offline mode and constant disconnect/reconnect issues to access user profiles. What's next? An online subscription to use Synapse3? That is a recipe for better third-party software. Any DEV's out there interested? One expects much better from a company that no doubt produces the best hardware available. But looks like they are a bit short-staffed on coders.
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