POLL: Which mechanical switch type(s) do you prefer?

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Raijin, Sep 12, 2015.


I prefer the following switches (choose up to 2):

  1. Green [Clicky | Tactile | 0.4mm Reset | 50g Force]

  2. Orange [Silent | Tactile | 0.05 mm Reset | 45g Force]

  3. MX Blue [Clicky | Tactile | 0.7mm Reset | 50g Force]

  4. MX Brown [Silent | Tactile | 0.1mm Reset | 45g Force]

  5. MX Red [Silent | Smooth | 0mm Reset | 45g Force]

  6. MX Black [Silent | Smooth | 0mm Reset | 60g Force]

  7. MX Clear [Silent | Tactile | 0.1mm Reset | 65g Force]

  8. Other [Cherry MX Green/White/Grey | Buckling Spring | Alps | etc.]

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Psyjin

    Psyjin Well-Known Member

    Everyone loves the Razer Green keyboard/keypad switches. The company knows this and shows its preference when releasing & advertising products. Greens always receive the precedence. I've always wondered why this is.

    Razer Green switches are used in regular Razer keyboards/keypads and are similar to Cherry MX Blue switches.
    Razer Orange switches are used in Stealth Razer keyboards/keypads and are similar to Cherry MX Brown switches, but are also compared to MX Red.

    Browns and Reds are usually marketed towards gamers. Blues are marketed towards typists. The former has advantages in actuation force and actuation-reset delta. In most keyboard/computer communities I have been in, Browns are usually the top majority choice.

    The distance between the point at which the switch activates (actuation point) and resets (reset point) for Oranges is much less than it is for Greens. This allows for easier double-tapping and rapid-fire inputs using Oranges. The amount of finger force it takes to to activate Orange switches is also lower, meaning they are easier and less fatiguing to press.

    On paper, Oranges seem to be superior for gaming. They also have the additional benefit of being silent, which is nice for streaming/skyping/professional situations.

    I guess I'm more of an Orange guy, so I prefer the Stealth line of products. Although I wouldn't be opposed to a CHROMA switch that combines the benefits of all types ;)

    Which switch type do you prefer and why?

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  2. haloboi

    haloboi Active Member

    Red for sure Smooth as Silk.
  3. clonex10100

    clonex10100 Member

    I love the razer greens. I've tried blues and they just don't feel as good. I gues orenge is technicly better for gaming but i just love the greens click sOooo much.
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  4. nicolavs10

    nicolavs10 Active Member

    Same id go for orange one.
  5. mltan

    mltan CEO Staff Member

    I'm actually very interested to see the results for this.

    The Razer green/orange switches were designed for gaming ground up - and we've validated them extensively with our testing machines and eSports gamers and they're clearly superior to the traditional mechanical switches.

    However, I do understand that many like the Cherry switches too - which we used to use until we decided to move to designing our own switches. They are good switches - but just designed for typing some 20 years ago. However, like vinyl vs CDs, etc - we understand there are loyalists who prefer "how it used to be". Again - I think Cherry switches are good switches - and I'd love to hear more and I'm always happy to take the feedback loop back into our design process.
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  6. clonex10100

    clonex10100 Member

    I love how you really listen to the community :D
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  7. jj1216

    jj1216 Active Member

    Never knew there are such a variety of mechanical switches for keyboard... I think I will prefer the orange switch for silent key and optimized tactile feel.

    GTASANTT Member

    I like red
  9. I'm currenty using Blackwidow 2013 with BLUE switches and it's good in typing but not in gaming. I play DOTA 2 which requires a lot of double tapping and it's really hard! So I'm looking forward to change my keyboard with something that has RED or similar switches on it. I don't have an idea on razer's new switches though..
  10. TonyPare

    TonyPare New Member

    My original orbweaver had MX-Browns my new orbweaver has Razer Oranges and i don't see any difference.

    When i compare my Razer TKL stealth chroma (razer orange) to my KBparadise V60GTR (Gateron Brown), the 1x1 keys are nearly the same but the functions keys feel a lot better on the KBparadise. They feel "tighter" and more "solid". I love both though :)

    Hopefully Razer will release a 60% chroma one day! wink wink @Min-Liang Tan
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  11. Bovfo

    Bovfo Member

    I guess it's personal preference but I'm in love with Razer Green.

    Tried them all except MX Black and Clear and I find Greens to be fastest. I don't like Stealth keys much because I just don't get enough feedback from them.

    I hope that Raijin's prayers will be praised to see CHROMA switches one day! ='D
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  12. DaJav

    DaJav New Member

    my keyboard has green and the orbweaver stealth has the orange..so yeah I use both.. plus with the green I have the Razer mechanical Keyboard enhancement kit as well....awesome awesome...cant wait for xmas though Brand new H440 NZXT Razer case to be had
  13. xiiaobibii

    xiiaobibii New Member

    red one,, smooth and silent :) :heart:
  14. Mindtrick

    Mindtrick New Member

    I own three Blackwidow Ultimate keyboards. One with Cherry MX Blue switches, one with Browns, and one with Razer Orange. Without a doubt I love the Razer Orange switches. It seems they have very little horizontal travel, compared to the Cherry Blues, and Browns.

    I also own two orbweavers. One with Cherry Browns, and a Chroma with Razer Orange. This confirmed for me, that the oranges on the blackwidow chroma stealth were not a fluke. Razer Orange switches really are much better than Cherry!
  15. 27SilentChaos

    27SilentChaos Active Member

    I would love to see Alps or Topre keys incorporated to the Razer Blackwidow
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  16. Gwimmy

    Gwimmy New Member

    I feel like most of the people that are going to vote on here have probably never used the majority of switches on this list. Otherwise, the greens, clears and alps would be much higher on the list.
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  17. Gwimmy

    Gwimmy New Member

    This man has the right idea. Topre keys in a Razer keyboard would be pretty top notch.
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  18. I find that Cherry MX reds are so light, and if I just rest my hand on the keyboard it registers a key press. I do like reds but that's the only thing I don't like about them, but yes that was how they were made.
  19. I just bought my Razer TE Chroma Edition w/ Green Switches. Mainly I play Dota 2 and some CSGO. And all I can say is that I love them, coming from a laptop scissor switch, it is a worth it upgrade. I'm not really feeling the disadvantage having green switches for being bad for double tapping in games like Dota 2. I really notice the improvement of my game tbh. #FGBG
  20. Reaver

    Reaver Active Member

    People are just used to having Cherry MX on their keyboards... Which is a problem... There'll be no improvement and competition if people will only flock to a single manufacturer...

    Razer took a risk by switching keys... Personally though, I believe they pulled it off... Other manufacturers are following suit as well so there isn't really a problem... Corsair may be using Cherry switches... But have they actually tried to improve upon it?... Where have they pooled their resources?... On design?... I wouldn't think so seeing how the Scimitar turned out as well as their Lapdog...

    It doesn't matter if Kailh switches are cheaper to produce... Aesthetically, Razer is still on top... Just because something costs more doesn't mean the materials always has to be expensive as well... Sure, it would be preferable but if the overall design sucks then it isn't worth it...

    This is exactly like the "problem" with Windows 8... People were so used to having a Start Menu that they didn't even bother understanding the tutorial during the initial setup... People I know who complained about the removal of the Start Menu only used it for turning off their PC so it really is laughable...
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