POLL: Which mechanical switch type(s) do you prefer?

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Raijin, Sep 12, 2015.


I prefer the following switches (choose up to 2):

  1. Green [Clicky | Tactile | 0.4mm Reset | 50g Force]

  2. Orange [Silent | Tactile | 0.05 mm Reset | 45g Force]

  3. MX Blue [Clicky | Tactile | 0.7mm Reset | 50g Force]

  4. MX Brown [Silent | Tactile | 0.1mm Reset | 45g Force]

  5. MX Red [Silent | Smooth | 0mm Reset | 45g Force]

  6. MX Black [Silent | Smooth | 0mm Reset | 60g Force]

  7. MX Clear [Silent | Tactile | 0.1mm Reset | 65g Force]

  8. Other [Cherry MX Green/White/Grey | Buckling Spring | Alps | etc.]

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I am a fan of the razer greens, i really need to be able to feel when my key is registered and it allows me to do so. In cs go when i strafing back and forth i find it easier with razer greens, i've never tried mx blues so idk about them but from what i've heard theres not much of a difference.
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  2. Psyjin

    Psyjin Well-Known Member

    Heheh. Are you the guy that made the Razer New Years artwork? We have the same nickname. My last name means "Thunder" and I was born in the year of the Snake :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    If you put O-Rings onto the Oranges, it completely silences them by preventing the sound that normally would be produced by bottoming the keys out.

    Do you mean vertical travel instead of horizontal? I'd also love to hear why you prefer Razer Orange switches over Cherry MX Brown.

    Yes, good point. I love the crispness of MX Greens...they make Browns feel mushy to me. But alas, sometimes I find myself in situations where I just can't have the clicky sound. Some of these switches are also harder to find :|

    I read this post somewhere else but I forgot to reply. I Agree. I am in love with Razer's design team. I also thoroughly enjoyed Windows 8 because I had the hardware for it (touch monitor + touch mouse).
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  3. GSSGaming

    GSSGaming Well-Known Member

    I love the load sounds my Black Widow makes.

    It ensures me that everything is being done as I type.
  4. You know, it's possible to form sentences that don't end in an ellipsis. Look, I'm doing it right now!

    People being used to Cherry MX is in no way a problem. It's almost been a standard on mechanical keyboards for as long as they've been around (excluding others like Alps, Topre, etc). People are used to their feel, their quality, and their longevity.

    You also mention how there is no room for improvement by everyone using the same switches... yet there is. Corsair teamed with Cherry and made a special casing for the MX Red that allowed for better LED placement, which distributed the light better. Hey -- there's room for improvement right there, and I'd love to see keyboard manufacturers fight over it. Who can make a Cherry MX (or Kailh) keyboard that has equal light distribution of light around the entire keycap, not just the top? Aside from the keyswitches, the mechanical keyboard always has room for improvement. What if Razer were to start including wrist rests (thank God), or dedicated media buttons on their mechanical keyboards? I mean, it's not like you really improve on the mechanical keywitch -- Cherry pretty much has a keyswitch for it all. Tactile, linear, click tactile, heavy linear, etc. There's not much room to do anything besides reinvent the wheel (which may not always work out... especially paired with horrid keycaps... looking at you, Logitech G910).

    Also, your comparison to Windows 8 was comparing apples to oranges.
  5. ThatGamr

    ThatGamr New Member

    I really think that people are used to having Cherry MX's on their keyboards. Some people probably don't even know what there called, they just enjoyed it enough to appreciate it. I prefer more stiff switches, so for me personally, I go with the green switches. I think that these switches allow for less "misclicks" and mistakes of the liking.
  6. ThatGamr

    ThatGamr New Member

    I think that there will always be room for improvement. A better feeling pressing the keys, considering more people and their preferences, etc. Great idea with the wrist rests, it's actually been some time since I've used those. This thread is really just opinion, like I inferred before, and I think that a lot of people prefer different things than you, for example. Regarding your proposition on the changes to how the Cherry MX keycaps should be made, I think that a more evenly distributed press, will always be better, so I suppose you know that there is at least one person who supports and understands your opinion. I think that the dedicated media buttons, would actually be better left in chicklet keys, and therefore form a half mechanical, half chicklet keyboard. Just an idea. Personally I think both mechanical switches, and chicklet keys have there own benefits, and I personally use both types of keyboards, for their own purposes.

    My two cents,

  7. I actually got a used BlackWidow 2013 with MX Blues from eBay, but unfortunately had to return it due to problems (these problems were from the vendor, I mean, the keyboard arrived absolutely filthy and somewhat defective). I wanted the 2013 because I found reports online that Cherry MX's reliability was better than the Razer switches and I wanted something I could be comfortable with (not to mention, it was cheap the one I found on eBay). I actually wanted to get a Razer BlackWidow Chroma (then I'd have Razer's 1 year warranty if any of the keyswitches did actually screw up), but that was also too expensive unfortunately. I got an MX Brown mechanical keyboard (Logitech G710+), brand new from Best Buy because it was on a very affordable sale and was attractive.

    Things I wish Razer improved on their BlackWidows, that would make me buy them instead:
    • Offered Cherry MX switches (Brown/Blue)
    • Longer warranty (1 year is not sufficient in comparison to other companies' generous warranty periods, should be 3 years. I mean, you're spending $170 on a Chroma!)
    • Different font on the keycaps (I know this won't happen, too many die-hard fans on this, and I know I have the unpopular opinion on the keycaps)
    • Dedicated media buttons
    • Macro key modes (doesn't have to be dedicated, could be a function)
    • Better lock status lights (they really fade away when you don't look directly above it, hard to see)
    • Included wrist rest (I'm sure lots of people would love this)
    • Use Cherry stem stabilizers (this makes it a TON easier to remove stabilized keycaps)

    I like Razer a lot, and I hope to see good changes in the coming years.
  8. I've yet to see dedicated media buttons on a mechanical keyboard that are actually mechanical, lol. They're all membrane (which is fine), and closely tight packed.

    Thanks for the two cents!
  9. ThatGamr

    ThatGamr New Member

    I really like a lot of the changes you've proposed. First I myself think that a longer warranty is necessary, not just for razor products, but as a general rule. I think I asserted my opinion on the media buttons being dedicated, so I leave it to that. As to the Macro keys, I almost forgot (silly me), I think that those are very important and I assume many gamers use macros, therefore deeming Razer having a responsibility to add them to their keyboards. I think that if we're spending so much on a keyboard, we should really be given more customizable options, which would lead me to agree with most of the propositions in your post. A lot of companies, fail to make good key status lights. Across the board, I think us as consumers, would like to see more thought and effort put into these little details, that ultimately make all the difference.

    My 2 cents,

  10. ThatGamr

    ThatGamr New Member


    I think Razer makes one themselves, or maybe even more. Feel free to look into it, and let me know what you think.

  11. oToastTv

    oToastTv Member

    This is probably the most ridiculous thing, but what if you used Razer Greens on the side of the Razer Toaster? You'd definitely get that elite Razer feel when you're programming your toast settings.
  12. Psyjin

    Psyjin Well-Known Member

    Well yes, of course the BW can be improved ~ it's not the perfect keyboard by any means, if such a thing exists. There's a thread on here that was asking specifically about BW improvements. Even though the Chroma lineup brought us amazing RGB LED lighting, it didn't add any of the sorely needed features. I'd like to see dedicated media buttons as well for a keyboard in this price range. I also wish the shift symbols were laser-cut (and thus, backlit) because I have not mastered the media/symbol keys yet so I need to be able to see them in the dark.
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  13. l337g0g0

    l337g0g0 New Member

    I think your nailed it with silent and tactile key switches.
    I think the green having a longer reset and having the tactile feel is fitting.
    So no need to make the green have a smaller reset point.

    I have a question. @Min-Liang Tan
    Since it only takes 0.4 MM to actuate, why do we put so much more space for bottoming out?
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  14. Mindtrick

    Mindtrick New Member

    No, I mean horizontal. It seemed as if both the Cherry Blue, and Browns have quite a bit of horizontal "wobble". The New peripherals I have which utilize the Razer Orange switches have very little, if any, "wobble" to them.
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  15. doomddo

    doomddo Member

    I have only used razer greens but I like them a lot lol
  16. ShamX0

    ShamX0 Active Member

    using green switch bw with the enhancement kit
  17. Raduhendrix

    Raduhendrix New Member

    Here you go buds:
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  18. Fre4ked

    Fre4ked Member

    I gotta go with MX brown here, as I like to gently waver my hand at the keyboard (or orbweaver in my case) buttons, I don't wanna accidentally push buttons. I feel the MX Brown gives me less 'input' when wavering over. Prolly due to the higher reset distance.
  19. Blapeuh

    Blapeuh New Member

    I like the Orange and MX Red switches, both for the low applied force needed and because they are silent.
    I watch a lot of LP's and streams and it can really bother me when a person who does such video content has a 'clicky' keyboard switch. It's a very annoying background sound.

    Before i got my BW stealth i got a Corsair K60, which has MX red's. The thing i had to get used to the most was the low actuaction force. And thus my key's hit the top of the switch pretty hard after i just got it.This I fixed by putting little (2mm) rubber bands on each switch, to absorb the impact.
    Later when I was used to the low actuaction force things got really silent. Now only the sound which is hearable are my fingers hitting the key's, which isn't that loud of a sound.
    Now with my BW stealth the tactile part of the Orange key helps 'dampen' (ever so slightly) the impact of the key hitting the switch. And in combination with getting used to the MX Red's beforehand, typing is very pleasant and silent.

    *Go Mechanical Go Silent!
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