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    Here are some general tips to posting on Razer Insider. A good post is quicker to work with, and deserves a good reply. Have a look:

    • Refrain from posting profane, defamatory, offensive, obscene or violent comments
    • Keep posts on topic by making sure posts are labelled with the most appropriate category. Make use of our search function to see if there are already some good threads on the subject.
    • Avoid posting or creating fluff/meaningless threads - if you are caught with this with the clear intention of bringing up your post counts, you will be penalized.
    • Make your posts easy to read. Be descriptive, avoid excessive punctuation and go easy on the Caps-lock button.
    • Refrain from unnecessary URLs. While you’re welcome to post a URL if it is relevant to the topic, posts with excessive URLs will be removed.
    • Be kind to newbies – we have to start somewhere and we were all new once.
    • Thumbs-up to good behavior – encourage and recognize users for their help, effort and good work.
    Do also read up on our House Rules and help make this a welcoming environment for all:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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