Power Bank/External Battery for the Razer Blade Pro 2013

Discussion in 'Systems' started by MajorArcher, Jul 6, 2016.

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  1. MajorArcher

    MajorArcher New Member

    Hey there. I was wondering if any of you ever bought a power bank for the 17 inch blades, it seems the power adapter's DC Output is 19v 7.9a and the blade's battery runs at 14.8v - 5000mah, but I've been kind of unable to find any power banks with those specs.

    Anyway, the thing is that I had to -carefully- remove the blade's battery as it began to swell, as most batteries do with time, yet it doesn't seem I have any local Razer support available to send the laptop in for a battery exchange, as it seems they don't sell the batteries separately, so I was thinking that a power bank could solve my problem and act as a battery for a while at least until the next year, as I'll be far away from the US until then.

    Any ideas, suggestions or recommendations?
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