Pretty impressed by new Rewards

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.i, Mar 9, 2017.

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  1. HypocriticalIdiot

    HypocriticalIdiot Active Member

    The other is on the blade pro :^)
  2. kajira

    kajira Well-Known Member

    Also if you're using copy/paste, make sure that you're not accidentially copying any spaces before or after the code when you paste it into the line on the store. :)

    As for the rewards, I'm also peeking at that Deathadder. I've never used one, and I'd like to be able to offer better feedback and advice here on Insider by getting to know the mouse better. So, the next time I find something I want, then I might just pick it up to educate myself more.
  3. bmoconno

    bmoconno Well-Known Member

    I go away for PAX and everything is different! I miss the old insider! But I'm also pretty happy with the new rewards, Always love the 15% off and $20 off coupons. Thanks Razer!

    That would definitely get a lot more people posting on here, but I'm pretty sure it's not going to happen. My expectation for the 500 post reward is probably something along the lines of a (minimal 5-10%) discount that can be applied to systems or OSVR. They're not going to just start handing out keyboards to anyone who can spam their way to 500 posts.
  4. DragoNate

    DragoNate Active Member

    Do you mean for a future update? Because the current 500 post reward is actually a Deathadder Elite.
    Definitely want it for myself! Just gotta double my post count...
  5. Zerebrator

    Zerebrator New Member

    So we all need more post for the Deathadder. Can we make a Spam Topic or something else? XD
  6. 9l_xcelr8

    9l_xcelr8 Active Member

    isnt 500 posts da elite? blackwidow chroma v2 would be at 1000. I can't spam my way to 1000 posts for it. Gotta have something to say, spamming useless messages is against forum rules anyway.
  7. DragoNate

    DragoNate Active Member

    No. Spam is against the forum rules.
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  8. bmoconno

    bmoconno Well-Known Member

    Yeah, @DragoNate & @Xcelr8, I meant 1000 posts.

    You'd be surprised what we've seen over the years, people try to get away with a lot to get their post counts up. I'm sure you've both already noticed an influx of new posters trying to get their numbers up. Just looking at my alters there's a handful of older threads I've responded to or made being brought back from the dead while people try to inflate their counts.

    If they are motivated by something as nice and expensive as a Black Widow V2, they'll figure out a way to sneak as many posts as possible by the admins and get that Black Widow V2 without actually contributing to the community in any beneficial way.
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  9. TheGurgeMan7

    TheGurgeMan7 Well-Known Member

    Honestly, I came here for the rewards, and stayed for the community. In the beginning I was what yoj would consider a spammer ( How is that possible ikr ) but after being banned no less than 3 times, I decided to actually sit down and contribute to as many posts s I cohld, and along the wqy I found quite a few great people, as well as a few great memers.

    Aaaaaand back on topic. I doubt they would have their most expensive keyboard as a rewards, I would be expecting something like the chroma mug or an older blackwidow x keyboard as a 750 or 100 post reward.

    Or possibly a way to link it to the zgold system so we can choose a game to redeem.
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2017
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  10. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Well-Known Member

    Aw, thanks @TheGurgeMan! You were talking about me, right? Oh, wait, I started being active a few months after you . . . oh well.

    But I hope beyond hope that the Chroma Mug (Limited Edition, dude!) doesn't show up as a post-count reward. There would be zero ways to stop the spamming if that happened. I spend way too much time reporting spam-posts as it is (and to those who spam, one report per day is too many!), and PMing New Members about it.

    Now, if it showed up at the same time as some kind of contribution-based Rewards system, then I don't think I'd mind.

    Aaaand the zGold system link is a great idea - I still can't believe that they haven't made Razer gear available for zGold anyway. zGold for Razer gear, with the zSilver earnings still in place (albeit at a lower value if it were to happen), and that part of the system would be perfect, in my opinion.
  11. Jenjar

    Jenjar Well-Known Member

    I would even like if they gave the mugs to people over a certain number of posts, And a high number (ex. 1000 or so), Without notice so there would be no reason for people to spam.
    Then again some Razer fans joined the site not long ago, Or they don't have the time to post as others.
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  12. EmeraldCore

    EmeraldCore Member

    I am just really hyped about the keychain even if its just 10 bucks...still hyped xD

    Can't to see the fully complete Razer rewards!
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  13. Yep its pretty good!
  14. squeeze88

    squeeze88 Active Member

    Yeah, I did made sure of that... I even wrote to Razer Support... 2 days on and still no reply :slightly_sad:
  15. Roncallica

    Roncallica New Member

    Do i need a minimum purchase (examples: 2 item or at least 20$ ) in order to use the reward's code? I mean when i will have the right number of postsin order to use them. Thank you
  16. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Well-Known Member

    There's not any kind of minimum spend or minimum amount of items to use your codes. Most of them will NOT work with accessory purchases (if you're buying an accessory with a non-accessory purchase, it's fine), too. Also, you have to take shipping into account. If your purchase doesn't meet the minimum for free shipping, then you'll still have to pay for shipping as well. If your original purchase meets the shipping minimum, then your shipping on both items will be free.
  17. Pollychromacy

    Pollychromacy New Member

    I'm a really big fan of this - offering rewards that you can't really get through other means. That way it's based on participation and money isn't that big of a factor.
  18. kajira

    kajira Well-Known Member

    Nope, there's no minimum - you just need to have at least one item in your cart with a price tag that increases your total purchase cost. Once you've met that stipulation then you may apply the single reward code that you'd like to redeem.

    Keep in mind that it's only one reward code per purchase, so if you were going to attempt to make use of every single reward currently on the list (disregarding digital content) then you would need to make 6 different purchases.

    As @PTSinger pointed out, always take shipping costs into consideration. Some regional shipping is far more expensive than others, but generally speaking it is in our favor to exceed the minimum free shipping amount.
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  19. Sim3Gamer

    Sim3Gamer Well-Known Member

    I just realised they changed it xD

    I don´t liked the system before but now it looks very interesting, specially for fans of Razer :)
    Thanks for that update :heart:
  20. spojo1

    spojo1 Member

    The thing is those rewards are Razer's way of getting people to post and make insider active. So while obvious spamming and useless posts are bad. They do kind of want us to post actively and spam more meaningful stuff. Im in the same boat as you. I posted a few times a few months ago when i first discovered insider. Then when the new rewards released i saw the keycap reward and decided to get a bit more active because i want that keycap keychain before i next order (which was last night). The later/other rewards dont really interest me since i already bought the satchel and the deathadder elite a while back. But im still posting because there are likeminded individuals and some interesting topics here.
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