Problem with earning zSilver while playing CSGO

Discussion in 'Razer Cortex' started by TheRealSubshock, Dec 15, 2017.

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  1. TheRealSubshock

    TheRealSubshock New Member

    Hi there.
    I have been experiencing some problem with the earning of zSilver. So CSGO is one of the featured games. When i start the game it wont pop me this little window in the right bottom corner that says "preparing for zSilver earning" something like that. I start playing and play for 10-15 mins, exit the game, opening my Razer Cortex app and 0 zSilver earned at all. All that was 2 weeks ago. And after that didnt play CSGO, but played some other games who were featured. Today i see CSGO is boosted. Again same procedure - starting the game, did not pop me that window, 0 zSilver earned at the end. Im wondering what is the problem? Retarded the app several times, even my pc as well. No fix found. I would be extremely happy if some1 knows how to fix this.
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  2. Kyron176

    Kyron176 Active Member

    i have the same issue with dota.
    I contacted support. followed directions to reinstall cortex and nothing.
    I also cannot use the in game overlay.
  3. TheRealSubshock

    TheRealSubshock New Member

    I contacted support, followed instructions and all worked out. I think u should contact them again.
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