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Problem with "Global Shortcut" need your feedback

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by DrOctet, Apr 10, 2020.

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  1. DrOctet

    DrOctet New Member


    First of all, sorry for my English, I use Google translator.

    I have a problem with Razer Synapse 3 and I would like to collect other testimonials.

    I would like to use the "Global Shortcut" feature but it does not work at all. I tried it on 2 different PCs, I asked two of my friends to test too, and none of us managed to get the shortcuts to work

    "Global Shortcut" interface in french

    I first contacted the technical service via chat, which made me uninstall the software via a very specific procedure. It didn't solve the problem

    My PC is up to date, it was formatted a month ago, and I have no particular problem overall.

    Razer therefore follows my case by email, and asked me for more information, and in particular to use one of their technical software to be able to send them full logs on synapse and my PC.


    They also asked me to make a video that I sent them. (this one, does not even seem to have been viewed)

    And they asked me to test the software on another PC, and also send them msinfo file from the two computers.

    After several discussions, the technical service tells me that my software is not up to date ... While the software is completely up to date. When I do manual update searches through Synapse software, and even through Device Manager, everything tells me that I'm up to date.


    I therefore call on you so that you can test this "Global Shortcut" feature (for example, open a website, launch the notepad, the calculator ...) and give me feedback.

    This would in particular add data to the technical service at razer and demonstrate that a bug makes the functionality unusable and therefore needs to be corrected.

    If it works on your side, tell me in the comments, and if you have tips too!

    Thanks for your help and sorry again for french screenshots and my bad english
  2. DrOctet

    DrOctet New Member

    Nobody to test this feature and send me a feedback ? That need 30 seconds to test if its work :slightly_sad:
  3. DrOctet

    DrOctet New Member

    Please I need feedback :'(
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