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Problems with the Razer Phone i observed

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by Niftyz, Dec 6, 2017.

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  1. Niftyz

    Niftyz New Member

    Hi , firstly , not sure if this affects , but im from Singapore.

    Having problems with the game booster, so i turned on the dnd slider in the game booster which allows me to be on DND mode automatically when im in a full screen game , but notifications still pass through and pop up (whatsapp, messages, discord)

    Besides that , im usually playing mobile legends or arena of valor , and the individual settings i had for each game in the game booster doesnt seem to work well (i would still need to go in game and turn on high frame rate mode) and i dont see the frame rate in game goes beyond 30 when i set it at 60hz and in game high frame rate mode off.

    Lastly , not sure if its norm but when i turn on high frame rate modein game , my phone gets really hot , even though i've seen reviews that it shouldnt. (I,m using razer oem rugged case) .

    My battery life is not so fantastic, it dropped 3 percent while im typing this. Please help so if i know i had a defect i can quickly make a replacement or is it something went wrong on the software side. Thanks in advance

    DISCLAIMER: i've tried leave a support ticket but its been days and they havent got back to me.
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  2. Hucast

    Hucast Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I would go the replacement route just for the peace of mind. Just find the receipt.
  3. BilalElOtmani

    BilalElOtmani New Member

    we have no RAZER phones is Europe its only in ASIA ?
  4. Niftyz

    Niftyz New Member

    Razer fail to realise that they need to setup a better support team locally at where they decided to sell their phones at , cause from where im staying , they do not have a place for us to approach and the livechat are only available for the states and canada which is very frustrating.

    I did tried to message their facebook page and all the 'help' i got was trash, striaght trash. I asked them about the matter of the game booster dnd setting while in a full screen game and the reply i got was 'remember to activate dnd through the quick settings' which is totally not helping . As if i didnt know i could just use the dnd settings but what i wanted was when im in game it activates automatically and not manually activating it .

    I believe a good support team is very critical in the mobile phone industry where every consumer will have their technical issues addressed from software or hardware issue and we will have faifth in their products if we happen wanting to patronise again years down the road.

    Besides all the rant, im actually in love with the phone and everything about the phone is very well thought imo.
  5. Kungpaoshizi

    Kungpaoshizi Active Member

    I had bad speakers in my first unit. I would worry about the battery life you're seeing.
    Just RMA it though, these things happen. Mass production isn't perfect.
    Even Asus has a 100% computerized production process and I got a card with a short. Fried my TV via HDMI.

    And though I had a bad first phone, the 2nd is perfect and I wouldn't trade it for any other phone even if I got my pick, for free. (Unless you're trying to offer me a free Razer phone, I would take that! )
  6. RazerSapiyo

    RazerSapiyo Community Staff Member

    Hi @Niftyz, let me check on that for you, I've dropped you a PM. Please reply me with your support case ID there.
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