PROJECT BROOKLYN | Concept Gaming Chair For Next Generation Immersion

Discussion in 'Razer Gear' started by Dekades, Jan 12, 2021.

  1. emmanuelace

    emmanuelace Member

    next gen concept
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  2. TikiJosh

    TikiJosh New Member

    * Ends up costing 5k without a PC *
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  3. Timothy321

    Timothy321 Well-Known Member

    I still prefer a nice gaming table which could fit tiny space for some of us in the room
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  4. conan832

    conan832 Member

    Whoa!!! That's a super cool design. I would love to have one of those.
  5. DeepCerisePERIDOTbiz287

    DeepCerisePERIDOTbiz287 Active Member

    Razer is the best and they are my number one for a reason

    Me too, it is going to be super expensive though I know logitech has built a version of it and another company that I forgot the name of, but the company that I can't remember their name, I do k o that they already have a sale and price on their version which is $7,500.00 for it, I don't know how much RAZER WILL CHARGE I HOPE IT ISN'T NEAR AS MUCH AS THE OtherR COMPANY, optimism., Excitement, and patience is what we must have and maintain lol, but do know that typically RAZER tends to be on the higher tier price level when compared to their competitors, but with that stated, it is my personal opinion and first-hand experience to be able to acknowledge that despite the slightly higher price than their closet competitors, they certainly make up up for the slight increase in price with a complete product that is void of the same limitations, meaning the slightly higher price is absolutely worth it because at the end of the day IF YOU BUY RAZER YOU ARE BUYING DURABILITY, RELIABILITY, FUNCTION, APPEARANCE, AND THE WHOLE/ALL OF THE PRODUCT, AND WHEN YOU BUY RAZER YOU INVEST IN A COMMUNITY THAT WILL INVEST BACK INTO YOU?!
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  6. angelbreathe

    angelbreathe Well-Known Member

  7. neaty_34

    neaty_34 Well-Known Member

    Only one can dream...
  8. DeepCerisePERIDOTbiz287

    DeepCerisePERIDOTbiz287 Active Member

    Noise is spelled like this, and I believe or better yet it is my personal opinion, with angelbreathe being a well-known member and specifixally

    Noise is spelled like so first of all and why did my statement in this thread right before you replied to my statement offend you so much so, and for the record I have purchased almost one hundred RAZER PRODUCTS, just so we are clear I wasn't, you have absolutely no reason to attempt shame me or even speak to me full that matter, I don't know you .

    Angelbreathe grow up Mze
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  9. Eu acho que essa cadeira é um sonho coletivo
  10. angelbreathe

    angelbreathe Well-Known Member

    Another concept not coming to light.
  11. S1ndrome

    S1ndrome Member

    Wow, just imagine me playing Minesweeper on that badboy!
  12. LorDTonY143

    LorDTonY143 New Member

    It’s just beautiful
  13. Ariatiki

    Ariatiki New Member

    Looks really neat. Does it come with a tower rack on the back to hold the case?
  14. kashiana

    kashiana New Member

    Love to have one of these someday.

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