PROJECT HAZEL | The World's Smartest Mask

Discussion in 'Razer Gear' started by Dekades, Jan 12, 2021.

  1. Ramotswa

    Ramotswa New Member

    can someone say when there will be new information about the mask?
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  2. emmanuelace

    emmanuelace Member

    next gen protection
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  3. Juunjii

    Juunjii New Member

    Does it have RGB doeee !!!??? It looks sick tbh
  4. melvinsylar7

    melvinsylar7 Active Member

    I second this, that'll be something worth grinding them Silvers for :wink_:
  5. Warmachine1081

    Warmachine1081 New Member

    Does that continuously glow? might look weird in public
  6. DrRazer_Blade

    DrRazer_Blade New Member

    i want one its the way of the new world just have to embrace it yay i really do want one.
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  7. Kal_Skirata42

    Kal_Skirata42 New Member

    had a slight idea to tweak the mask, if it's alright.

    Instead of it being a transparent body, make it an audio visualizer display that's supported by Cortex, along with adding voice mod software for the built in voice amp, so users can have a little bit more fun with their masks while retaining it's original functionality as a N95-compliant mask.

    sound like a better idea than having it transparent?
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  8. Seiya59

    Seiya59 New Member

    Looks so cool ! I'm looking forward to buy it :)
  9. DeepCerisePERIDOTbiz287

    DeepCerisePERIDOTbiz287 Active Member

    This is absolutely fantastic, imaginative, innovative, and game changing. Once again I am shown why RAZER IS THE BEST!!!!

    It certainly does, I would rather not have to wear a mask all the time, but considering the world's situation with the pandemic, when it to a mask or choosing one, this is an easy number one through one hundred c

    This is awesome, and I learned a significant amount of time before never to doubt nor go against the grain when it comes to Razer, and when I think Razer couldn't possibly surprise me and get me in a state of mind where anticipation and level of excitement is enormous, and as I I mentioned I am reminded why I and others shouldn't doubt Razer and I assure everyone

    Me too, I am super excited I wish they would give us a round a bout date when they are planning on the release of PROJECT HAZEL AND PROJECT BROOKLYN, because I want that as well, I want them both.

    I must agree, now that I am super excited and wanting the RAZER HAZEL, OH AND PROJECT BROOKLYN, OH AND YEAH WHEN product is back in I will buy thethunde bolt four chroma hub, and alit more stuff, the last two that I will be getting within the next month or whenever they are back in stock is the new RAZER BLADE LAPTOP STAND V3, AND THE AWESOME BUT RATHER EXPENSIVE BUT I HAVE HEARD THEY ARE WORTH THE PRICE, THE RAZER NOMMO 2.1 PRO SPEAKERS.
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  10. SirJayDee

    SirJayDee Active Member

    I want one of these!
  11. benderson777

    benderson777 New Member

    I want one :heart:
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  12. Neuro37

    Neuro37 New Member

    Another question is the cost for the replacement filters.
  13. S1ndrome

    S1ndrome Well-Known Member

    How Cool is that!
  14. Hello
    Do you know where can i find Molstore? I need it for mobile legends customer service can you help me?
  15. Rhapsodical888

    Rhapsodical888 New Member

    LMAO razer
  16. robertcrook

    robertcrook New Member

    Razer has introduced a new reusable N95 mask with additional special features turning it into what is claimed to be the world's smartest mask called Project Hazel.
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  17. Abirun

    Abirun New Member

    Good job
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  18. S20boominator

    S20boominator New Member

    I would want this
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  19. xTHExPURGEx

    xTHExPURGEx New Member

    I'd say a good price is $50-$90, but knowing razer it's probably going to be $250-$300!
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  20. kashiana

    kashiana Active Member

    Dang Razer, that's a high-tech mask.
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