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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Remamian, Oct 5, 2016.

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  1. Remamian

    Remamian Well-Known Member

    So finally going to bite the bullet and get a mechanical keyboad from Razer (currently using OEM keyboard from Asus ROG desktop purchase)

    Currently promotion on that includes a headset, neat! Using an old logitech wireless thats a bit lacking on audio quality, perfect!

    Added code, went to add code for the Nabu X that is also being offered, and my first code for insider rewards for a notebook. But i cant seem to allow it to let me add any more codes? Is it really only 1 code per purchase or am I missing something entirely?

    Also for those that have Mechanical Chroma Keyboards, orange or green (Stealth or Clicky) i have read countless debates in general mechanical keyboard forums but what is your take on razers?
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  2. Overtask

    Overtask Well-Known Member

    Yes, unfortunately it is only one code per purchase.

    I wanted to go for the Orange switches initially when I was planning to get the Blackwidow. However, there was no news on Razer coming up with new Orange switches, only new Green ones. Unless there have been any updates that I am unaware of with new Orange switches, I would recommend the Green ones. I was initially apprehensive about getting the clicky switches, but with a set of o-rings they sound and feel fantastic and I do highly recommend them.
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  3. Remamian

    Remamian Well-Known Member

    o-rings something razer sells or something you found elsewhere?
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  4. Overtask

    Overtask Well-Known Member

    You can buy o-rings from Razer, however they are quite pricey. I would recommend just checking Ebay or Amazon for them, you ideally want translucent ones so it doesn't dim the backlight.
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  5. gr0ss

    gr0ss New Member

    Are o-rings worth it?
  6. Overtask

    Overtask Well-Known Member

    I would absolutely recommend them, they stop you from bottoming out your keys providing for an overall better and quieter typing experience.
  7. PrideHeart

    PrideHeart Active Member

    Oh man, if they let me stack codes that would be great.
  8. PlatinumC

    PlatinumC Active Member

    Slightly off topic, but if you want more quiet and comfort with keyboard buttons, you might consider membrane keyboards, I had a Razer Tarantula for a long long time and it was frigging awesome, still works after like 6-8 years, but upgraded to a non Razer membrane keyboard now.

    They say, that membrane keyboards do not last as long, but from my experience I do not agree, and another argument is that you do not get enough feedback from membrane ones, which may or not be true, I think it depends on the keyboard itself. I get it exactly perfect on my current one.
  9. gr0ss

    gr0ss New Member

    Got some o-rings, I guess I'll find out this weekend how I feel about them.
  10. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    I am using a Blackwidow Chroma Stealth, and I purchased the Razer o-rings and added them to my keyboard. I don't think the feel changed much, but my keys don't bottom out like they used to when I go crazy typing super fast and would occasionally press too hard, so my Stealth is even quieter than it used to be. And I LOVE IT!!!

    I'd kind of like to see how the o-rings would feel on a "clicky" keyboard.
  11. Overtask

    Overtask Well-Known Member

    Very nice actually, still has an audible click and is pretty much just as loud except they don't bottom out. Feels a bit softer, but far from a membrane keyboard, haven't tried an Ornata yet so I can't really compare them.
  12. squeeze88

    squeeze88 Active Member

    I thought the Ornata is even noisier than the blackwidow mechanical keyboards...
  13. Neco2510

    Neco2510 Member

    I have o rings on my blackwidow chroma stealth. while is does not make the bottoming out totally silent, it does quieten it a little and change the pitch to sound much less annoying.
    I bought a set of transparent ones from amazon.
  14. AloysiusTee

    AloysiusTee Member

    I would say it's up to you if you prefer a quiet or if you love the clicky sound that the green switches provide. It's all up to personal preference imo. I personally like the sound of greens because it's sound sharper than the browns so ya.
  15. gr0ss

    gr0ss New Member

    After using them for a weekend, I'm pretty happy with them. I can't really say the noise has gone down too much because I never really thought the keyboard was loud in the first place. Others do though, my brother said it was quieter. The feel was awkward at first but it's pretty nice.
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