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    Last year I put together a short thread when I found that Razer created separate landing pages for some of the giveaway promotional items. While most of the links on the old thread are back up and working now I found a couple others to add. This route gives you a way to add these items to your cart directly--if you're in the US.

    So, if you were eyeing that Team Razer Silicone Coaster and wanted just that you can do that here. I'll add more over time as I find them and others are welcome to add links here too. Thank you and enjoy!

    Updated 5/24/19 - added Razer 8GB Thumb Drive
    Updated 10/24/19 - added Deathstalker Puzzle and Matte Black Keychain
    Updated 10/30/19 - added Ouroborus Puzzle
    Updated 11/9/19 - added THS Bottle


    (image not on page)


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    thank you for making this! MODS, can we ensure this thread never closes and is always avail for people to reply/discuss?
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    Thank u dude, nice idea :D
    I also collected something about the time:

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    Skąd można dostać proporczyk Razer?
  13. How to get the three keycaps only find the one keycap
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