Proper/Official Way to Connect/Disconnect CoreV2 from Blade Stealth?

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Frostbitevalleypulse197, Nov 12, 2017.

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  1. Have been looking for this but don't really find any sort of Razer-sponsored official method... I am seeing unless you sign out and then sign back in during each "dock/undock" it can lead to system glitches and issues.

    Any word on this??
  2. EggsLeggs

    EggsLeggs Active Member

    This is on their support website
    So I think it is safe to simply unplug the CoreV2
  3. There is a problem that occurs when Windows switches display drivers from one to the other. Different apps experience different issues, Chrome being one of them. There's a slight hesistation that can only be remedied by signout-signin.

    I have also experienced issues sometimes when plugging the Core V2 in the middle of a windows session, it will recognize all USB devices and Ethernet, but it will not pump out the display to the external monitors.

    I have been unable to replicate the problem, it seems to occur sporadically.

    Being a business/workstation user, the ability to seemlessly hook up/disconnect my Steath would be extremely convenienet as it wouldn't interrupt my workflow.

    Other USB-style docs can achieve this, yet only with sluggish DisplayLink based software. I want the power of a desktop and the versatility of a plug and play, Surface-esque style doc.

    Guess I cant have my cake an eat it, too. Incredible machine, however; played Rise of tomb raider on max settings last night, got steady 45-50 FPS! (@ 1080)
  4. EggsLeggs

    EggsLeggs Active Member

    Try contacting support would be my other thought
  5. Pentalobe

    Pentalobe Active Member

    Click "Disconnect GPU" in the Nvidia system tray. If you have a storage device plugged into the core, unmount it. Then unplug the TB3 cable.

    When you plug it back in, click "enable GPU".

    Keep all your scaling settings the same if possible, I have all the internal and external displays set to 200%. Otherwise you may need to sign out and in again for some apps to not look crazy (like chrome, etc). Internal 13.3" 3200x1800, external 2x 24" 3840x2160. External is a bit larger than I would like but the software headaches are not worth dealing with different scaling ratios. When you change the scaling the system practically forces you to logout and login again, anyways.

    If you reboot computer without the core present, the system may not load your display adapter driver. If that's the case, go into "device manager" and click enable on your adapter there (right click on device, it will be in that menu).
  6. Thank you for the response. Yes, I have been tinkering with the "Disconnect GPU" button, but the hesistation I am noticing doesn't seem to go away, once plugged in. I think all the nVidia button does is to act as a shortcut to enable/disable the device driver in Device Manager.

    I notice the hesitation problem in Chrome. It's this sort of strange, sporadic, "hesitation", that occurs when watching videos, typing, backspacing, scrolling up/down, etc. It pauses for a split second, then quickly catches up with itself, almost like a memory buffer of sorts.

    As I type this I can see it happening on my external monitor, bc I just re-docked my Stealth and haven't signed out yet.

    Once I sign out, the problem will go away.

    Your scaling dilemma is all too familiar with me, too, my friend. Best solution I have found is to remain at native resolution on panel screen, and then when docked, since I have to sign out ANYWAY to get rid of this buffering annoyance, I re-set the scaling to 125% (1920x1080).

    For now, I guess ill just have to sign out and sign back in. #firstworldproblems.
  7. Pentalobe

    Pentalobe Active Member

    Edge allows scaling on the fly without signing in again. If the only program that you use incompatible with scaling-on-the-fly is chrome, I'd just try another browser.

    Too bad you can't just kill the WM from taskmgr like you could in windows 7. Slightly more convenient than signing in again.
  8. Indeed, Pentalobe, Indeed.

    Can put a man on the moon, send a hi-def camera to orbit Saturn and Uranus (lol), but we still can't get display scaling right.

  9. TK-1987

    TK-1987 Well-Known Member

    For me I’ve had little trouble with my Core V2 once I got it up and running properly. One thing I noticed for me is if you want to unplug the Core just make sure the laptop is on when you do so. I closed the lid on my Razer Blade then unplugged the Core. Later when I turned my laptop back on the 1060 gpu didn’t turn back on and I had to reboot the laptop.

    Though this wouldn’t be an issue for stealth users.
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