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PSA: Problems with Verizon will be resolved this week

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by RazukenCarrendar, Oct 22, 2018.

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  1. RazukenCarrendar

    RazukenCarrendar New Member

    Hey Gamers,

    Just got the RP2 delivered to my door this morning, (pretty quick since it released just today!)

    I took it down to the Verizon branch near me and they were not able to get the IMEI number to show up on their database to issue me a SIM card. It said “Device not found”. So, I ended up leaving Verizon with nothing but an apology, and a RP2 that I couldn’t use as a phone. I contacted support shortly afterwards. They said it was a “common” issue and they are trying to solve it.

    My thoughts? Either RAZER or Verizon dropped the ball on getting the IMEI numbers put on the database, or that there was some serious misunderstandings in advertisement from RAZER. Namely, that either Verizon simply isn’t compatible, or that for it to be compatible, you have to buy the phone directly through Verizon. It’s unlocked, so it doesn’t make sense for the latter, but if the phone really isn’t compatible with Verizon when all is said and done... that is a serious issue. I’m hoping to hear more from the senior Tech people at RAZER HQ on this..
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  2. frendojo

    frendojo New Member

    I was able to activate mine with an existing sim card, and can make calls and send texts, but cannot receive texts. this sucks
  3. JediG

    JediG New Member

    I too used my previous SIM card from a S7 Edge purchased through Verizon. I can send and receive calls, and I can send texts, but cannot receive texts. Went to Verizon store and they didn't know what my phone was. Have to call into Advanced Tech support to try and resolve the issue. Currently at work so will have to attempt this tomorrow.
  4. xDanger65

    xDanger65 Member VANGUARD

    So, all day affair with this. Long and short - verizon’s Top level customer support said this is not an approved external device. It sure has the banding to be used on the network but the device isn’t one Verizon considers supported. Which basically leaves all of us at an impass until razer gets involved on a high level - we will have 75% functionality of the phone but will never get full functionality. I forced my imei into the system and got a new sim and the whole 9... sitting here with no texts coming in and data that’s sporadic. I can’t get any level of razer customer service to respond other than to send me an email suggesting to factory reset the phone, which I’ve done 3 times today already. I sure would love a real answer...
  5. frendojo

    frendojo New Member

    Yep same issue here I am returning the Razer phone 2 and sticking with my iPhone XS Max. Total nightmare support from razer
  6. frendojo

    frendojo New Member

    Just got a reply from the CEO of razer on the Facebook page that Verizon is not yet supported. This is a major disaster and false advertising.
  7. Dreaminglucidly

    Dreaminglucidly New Member

    Let me know if you get this resolved!! Same problem!!
  8. BKO84

    BKO84 New Member

    Any mention on an ETA
  9. frendojo

    frendojo New Member

    He said should be sometime next week with no exact date
  10. njbmartin

    njbmartin Developer of Awesome

    Razer are aware of the issues with Verizon and will be fully supported in the next few days.

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  11. TacticalKirito

    TacticalKirito Active Member

    For those of you that still have your Razer Phone 2 and are having the problems with the receiving text messages have Verizon set your line up as CDMA-less Profile it forces the text messages to stop go over LTE only. I just did that and now I'm able to receive my text messages just fine on my Razer Phone 2.
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  12. Rox598

    Rox598 Keyblade Master VANGUARD

  13. RazukenCarrendar

    RazukenCarrendar New Member


    Razer HAS resolved the issues. The RP2 is working very well and seamlessly on the LTE network.

    Things to note:
    SIM cards transferred from an iPhone will have limited usage. I was able to send texts and calls, and receive calls, but not texts.

    Using the online transfer with My Verizon can be bugged for some people. Recommend taking the phone to a corporate branch location.

    Do take the RP2 down to a corporate branch to have a new SIM card installed. This will ensure that you have the right technology for your new and badass RP2.

    If your RP2 shows no SIM or is having trouble just after installation of new card or after a system update, do a system restart. The restart usually does it for me.

    Enjoy your phones guys! I know I will!
  14. knucklezz

    knucklezz New Member

    So I'm having the same issue with straight talk. Two different people said the Verizon sim from the straight talk package was supported and I can do everything but receive texts.
  15. MichaelConway

    MichaelConway New Member

  16. MichaelConway

    MichaelConway New Member

    Sign the petition let's get the class action rolling let's make these people as annoyed as we are either their predatory practices and lack of accountability. Let's take money from their wallets and give nothing in return maybe then they will think and behave differently .
  17. I switched from Pixel XL to RP2 and couldn't receive texts. Called them and switched to a CDMA-less profile and the second she did the texts came rolling in. I did use my existing sim card so I don't know if that has anything additional to do with it.
  18. ThirdTemple

    ThirdTemple Active Member

    Speaking of problems with carriers, is there any reason why the Razer Phone 2 is not sold through T-Mobile?
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