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Pubg or fortnite

Discussion in 'Fortnite Talk' started by JUlIUS_Szn, Jan 11, 2020.

  1. JUlIUS_Szn

    JUlIUS_Szn Member

    In your opinion guys what is better pubg or fortnite
  2. M-S-G

    M-S-G Well-Known Member

    Wenn dann würde ich CoD oder Battlefield bevorzugen.
    Aber wenn ich müsste, dann PUBG.
  3. Razer_react

    Razer_react New Member

    I like more Fortnite
  4. DazeInnovation

    DazeInnovation New Member

    Personally i think that fortnite is nicer because its just smoother and its just so nice to play on, i believe pub g is way too realistic for me.
  5. JR0nin

    JR0nin Well-Known Member

    I prefer pubg more, i kinda feel like fortnite is a little too much comic type.
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  6. dzejkub

    dzejkub New Member

    I prefer fortnite but sometimes i play PUBG too
    brokeboish likes this.
  7. Rilken

    Rilken New Member

    I prefer fortnite for sure
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  8. jedramos

    jedramos Well-Known Member

    it depends on your playstyle. if you want fast paced go for fortnite. if youre more on systematic and realistic go for pubg
    brokeboish likes this.
  9. brokeboish

    brokeboish New Member

    bcoz of the building in fortnite giving it a higher skill ceiling and fortinite also having lower requirements, fortnite could be the way to go
  10. MayconQ

    MayconQ New Member

    Fortnite is way better. In pubg you cant build and they just copy fortnite.
    N2222 likes this.
  11. garcciaaa_

    garcciaaa_ New Member

    Fortnite is a fun game. PUBG is more like a serious game. Both are great, but i think I prefer Fortnite. Fun above all ^^
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