QHD Razer Blade Stealth Freezing

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Rcarbajal, Mar 2, 2016.

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  1. JETcoolCoolBlack681

    JETcoolCoolBlack681 Active Member

  2. nathanvollmer

    nathanvollmer Member

    My BSOD fails to write a dmp to %SystemRoot%/ for some reason, so I haven't been able to check the dmp file... The BSOD never gets beyond 0% in saving the dump file, so I've been out of luck for a while.

    I moved the dump write location to my desktop for easier access, but I read somewhere that windows attempts to write to the free space of the EFI partition before copying over, and that I might not have enough allocated space or something like that... Do you know what might be going on there?
  3. JETcoolCoolBlack681

    JETcoolCoolBlack681 Active Member

    Well, I updated the graphics driver for HD 520 very recently. There were no freezes since then but it is hard to claim anything: a little time passed and some report freezes in Linux as well.

    Another option is a problem with SSD but the PM951 has no SMART implemented so it is hard to say anything either. Probably there exists some driver from Samsung which can do the job.

    You can also test RAM for errors: I ran it for 6 hours and found nothing.

    I did not have a single freeze so far with a newer (4352) Intel driver. I suggest to try that for anyone having such problems and report if it does solve freezes. Here is the link:


    Note that there are even newer drivers available.
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  4. nathanvollmer

    nathanvollmer Member

    I'm running the newest version of Intel's graphics drivers, and I'm still freezing randomly. I don't think that's the issue.

    Unfortunately I keep freezing without a BSOD. I also froze the other day while actively using my machine, so I don't believe it's a power saving/standby issue.
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  5. ohdavee

    ohdavee Member

    Maybe RMA it?
  6. nathanvollmer

    nathanvollmer Member

    Update: The BSOD I get won't write an error log. However, other BSOD's seem to write dumpfiles just fine. I was able to get a program that causes intentional BSODs, and was able to recover a dump file there. Still not sure what's going on...

    @ohdavee I might have to, although if it's a driver issue I'm probably going to get the same errors on another machine...
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  7. JETcoolCoolBlack681

    JETcoolCoolBlack681 Active Member

    Just a random question: are you in US? If not, do you use an AC adapter? Do you ground it properly?
  8. torrented

    torrented New Member

    Chatted with Razer Support, they believe it's an issue with the new Skylake CPUs and Windows 10. Intel is supposed to be working on fixing this issue. Here is a quote from an email:

    "The freezing appears to be likely related to one of a few known issues with the Skylake chipset that Intel is currently working to patch via driver/firmware updates in the near future. The freezing or hanging/lockup can occur either from a complex computation task or from light use and/or when changing a power save state (eg falling asleep or waking from sleep). The error appears to be related to some of the new power saving features/energy efficient optimizations native to the chipset."

    This appears to fall in line with what I've been reading here in this thread.
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  9. mmocarski

    mmocarski Active Member

    This makes me wionder if this is the "Intel Update" that they are looking to add to the new Blades before they ship out - and why the ship dates have subsequently slipped.
  10. My stealth is freezing also.. no blue screen, just a hard lockup. it happens about twice a day and it only started about a month after having the machine. I have to hold down the power button to reboot. at first I had no freezing issues then it started happening almost daily. I wonder if it's a Windows 10 update that came in recently or something. It kinda sucks and I do use this laptop for work, so hopefully someone can figure out whats causing it.
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  11. TheGurgeMan7

    TheGurgeMan7 Well-Known Member

    If that is why they are holding the blades back, kudos to razer for not allowing a partially defective product be shipped out.
  12. mmocarski

    mmocarski Active Member

    I agree - I suspect this has to be the case. Stuff like this can reflect badly on the brand, even though it's really Intel's problem.

    Btw, count me in as one that just witnessed this issue. I have the blade stealth, just sitting there sleeping, woke it up and shortly thereafter it froze up - no BSOD.
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  13. jiauuwou

    jiauuwou Member

    This thread doesn't get unchecked !!!
    Each time a user replies to this thread I get a notification for it !!!
    I unchecked "Watch this thread..." several times but it seems that it doesn't work and it's get checked again and I get alerts !!! X(

    I hope after this post the problem get fixed !
  14. Chris_Chong

    Chris_Chong Active Member

    Glad it was all sorted out, razer support is very helpful
  15. mmocarski

    mmocarski Active Member

    Well, a freeze due to overheating is one thing, a freeze as others have described - including myself - that freezes happen while not overheating and not under load is a whole different issue. Glad to hear your problem appears to be resolved, but I'm assuming that the problems are not solved for everyone. I'm just hoping the other people who are having the similar problem without overheating will get some update from Razer in the form of a patch or firmware update to resolve it.
  16. mintouch

    mintouch Active Member

    so it seems the problem is QC, not the product itself.
  17. ohdavee

    ohdavee Member

    So.... I bought the RBS april 29. and it arrived 4th of may.
    Not even a full week of use yet and I'm getting the freeze issue.

    god damn it.

    sent support an email with this thread link...

    let's see what they say.

    Like they all say, I love this laptop. the build, the design, the price, the cultness.
    but this freezing issue has got to stop.

    Or else I'll have to refund.... and try figure out what other ultrabooks to get.
  18. therealadrian

    therealadrian New Member

    So I just sent in the RMA request for my laptop. Looks like I am down for a week while I get it repaired. I did my best to also express my feelings about my experience, though I am doubtful if it will reach anyone who might be able to affect any meaningful change in the company.

    My text, included below:
    I want to say that I am really profoundly let down by my experience with Razer so far.
    • First I could not buy a spare power supply for my laptop, and Razer could not even be bothered to recommend another vendor who could supply a usable unit (though one could be found on Amazon).
    • Second my one and only power supply did go out, and I had to return it.
    • Third, I was supposed to be send a replacement and a box to send back the dead one in, but it never came (see ref:[omitted]).
    • Fourth, now my laptop is crashing all of the time and I am told by support that there is no known cause, but there is a lengthy thread on this easily found by Google search (https://insider.razerzone.com/index.php?threads/qhd-razer-blade-stealth-freezing.11989/page-4). Looks like lots of people are having the same freeze, even though customer support told me that it was an unknown issue.
    • Fifth, now I find out that I have to return my laptop, a replacement cannot be sent in advance, and it will take over a week to get it fixed. What exactly am I supposed to do with no computer for a week, shut down my company?
    • Sixth, worse, the place the computer will supposedly be "fixed" is driving distance from my house, but I'm not allowed to go there because "they have no front door" (customer support's exact words). What the hell people?!?
    • Seventh and finally, I know from the thread that you are not actually going to "fix" my machine at all, because you already know the issue and you already know that it is a lemon unit and you already know that you will have to replace it. So I have to wait a week with no computer so you can give the impression that you are debugging a supposedly unique problem that you know already is a wide spread manufacturing level failure?
    This Kabuki nonsense is awful and makes your entire company look like a bunch of two-bit Shysters. Please get it together. You make some cool products, and I loved this laptop when I got it, but there is just no way to love being treated like this.
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  19. JETcoolCoolBlack681

    JETcoolCoolBlack681 Active Member

    Well, if you summon CEO the mods will likely to delete you post. Attention, sort of.

    Regarding support issues, I believe there is no way any company will send you a replacement unit beforehand.

    Regarding freezing issues, it looks like it is more general than Razer. Google for "XPS 13 freezing" or "Skylake freezing". I can easily imagine that there is no fix for it yet. Sad but true.

  20. With my surface pro 3, nexus 6, and moto x 2014, I was able to receive a new unit prior to sending in my device. It's usually called something like advanced or priority warranty exchange. Generally, what happens is that they will do a charge authorization against your card for the full price until they receive the unit. If it ends up being a user caused issue, they'll inform you of the price to fix it and you'll go that way. If it's an actual hardware issue they'll let you know the problem and let you keep the unit. That way you can easily transfer data from one system to another. Sometimes this has a charge associated with it but it's also part of the service at times.

    So yes, companies do offer this, but with Razer’s fairly terrible support I doubt they ever will.

    I bought the blade stealth after having a horrible experience with razer and the blade 2014. It got delayed by months, came to me with a dead webcam, the next unit had dead pixels and a faulty trackpad, followed by dark spots all over the screen and support telling me that I couldn't return the unit because I was now out of my return window and my only option was to continue trying to use the warranty. They sent me two more failing units and I got hold of someone and got a refund.

    I decided to try a blade stealth as it's been a while. I've got the whea bsod issue, hard crashes, and a webcam that fails to work if it's used more than once per full shutdown. It's also my primary work computer, so being without it for a week isn't realistically possible at the moment. Hopefully, this one’s warranty process isn't the same nightmare I dealt with previously.

    There’s also the issue of the razer core, a coupon that wasn’t given out prior to release and couldn’t be retroactively added, and support telling me that my only option was to cancel and it would be up for pre-order again before April 15th…heh. Overall, I probably should have stuck with the Surface line.
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