QHD Razer Blade Stealth Freezing

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Rcarbajal, Mar 2, 2016.

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  1. Chuemmer

    Chuemmer Active Member

    It typically happens when I dual-boot off of my external. Another bone to pick... setting it up to recognize an external as a bootable device is way harder than it should be on this Laptop. It also doesn't pick up on externals attached to the thundebolt Type-C port super well, either.
  2. That's not something I do with the stealth so I have yet to have any of those issues. There are definitely a lot of quirks with this machine, but coming from the Dell's, I can promise you they had their fair share of problems. I had 3 different 13's for different issues, keyboard keys stop working,monitor came out of housing, warped chassis. Shit, my first one came without the battery connected to the board so I had to take it apart and connect it. My 15 had 4 different keyboards, motherboard and ram replaced, and 2 SSD's lol.

    So far the Razer is not sooo bad, but Dell had an outstanding support system in place. Remote support, then next day in home service for repairs. Or if I needed a system replaced, they sent it first, then I sent my machine back to them. So far, from my experience with Razer support, not even close to the machine that is Dell support.
  3. kurohyo

    kurohyo Active Member

    i was also like that but the razer also us better when you speak in trrms of bang for the buck, i don't care about the large bezel, I've seen bigger ones, also i love that the razer windows come without bloatware; I had a Toshiba in between the blade 14(2013) and the stealth was quite expensive the screen wasn't that good, and the support utterly sucked, OMG also it had do much bloatware and even some apps couldn't even be uninstalled because the were embedded to the OS. i advice to everyone here, never buy toshiba.

    also didn't think the xps line had so many issues as from what many people made me picture it, it was perfect, and opted for a stealth because i like the style way more than the xps line don't mean to say i don't like the xps line though
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  4. JETcoolCoolBlack681

    JETcoolCoolBlack681 Active Member

    Well, that's still worth RMA from my point of view.
  5. I did a full restore and let the laptop sit there plugged in. Eventually it just locked up again.. (no software installed on it, no windows updates) I got fed up and RMA'd it back to them

    I hope it's some funky hardware issue and they just swap out whatever is causing it and I can use the laptop because I have the core and a gtx 1080 sitting here doing nothing... and it sucks
  6. Chuemmer

    Chuemmer Active Member

    Can we just all agree that companies need to make a better starting product? haha.

    As for the stealth, it is technically their first generation, and it does do pretty well! However, the next generation won't fix these issues if no one mentions them, so here I am, haha. I really hope they go away from the USB-C power, or at least make the wire/usb more friendly with each other.
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  7. Lol, I think we can agree on that! I am probably just going to keep mine and buy another charger so I am not always swiping the one at home out of the wall. It's a pretty sweet machine all-in-all.

    I hope they fix your issues! Nothing is worse than spending crap tons of $ on stuff you cannot use! Good luck and let us know what happens! PS when I updated my intel graphics driver, my freezing has decreased dramatically. It went from a few times a day, to maybe 2 in the last 5 days.
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  8. JETcoolCoolBlack681

    JETcoolCoolBlack681 Active Member

    When I had this problem it also worked the same way for me. All in all, we see reports that replacing SSDs / disabling Intel wireless also helps to some extent. It makes me think that this problem is power-related.
  9. kurohyo

    kurohyo Active Member

    do you really think that so? I'm leaning towards a wifi driver issue, my stealth just froze once, haven't happened again yet, but what people in other forums such as linuses are saying is that is a wifi problem and they advice you to download the latest drivers, so i did and as i said that haven't happened again
  10. JETcoolCoolBlack681

    JETcoolCoolBlack681 Active Member

    When I had a faulty unit I reduced freezes by updating the graphics driver. The freezes still happened couple of times per month. I guess you cannot say that you waited that long prior to posting your message.
  11. So are you saying, you had a faulty unit, sent it back for RMA, and now you have a new unit that does not freeze?
  12. kurohyo

    kurohyo Active Member

    actually I've had mine since early May and that freeze was about 1.5-2 months ago i think i've waited long enough for that post don't you think??

    I don't want to be rude or anything but you should've asked "how long ago was the freeze?" before saying i didn't wait enough to post that.
  13. JETcoolCoolBlack681

    JETcoolCoolBlack681 Active Member

    Exactly. Sent it for RMA twice because freezing is not the only problem you may face unfortunately.

    @kurohyo, sorry for that. I am happy that you were able to cure freezes on your own.
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  14. I sent it in last week and they are replacing the motherboard.. I hope this fixes the issue once and for all
  15. YamiZee

    YamiZee New Member

    Since the day i got the laptop, its has completely frozen at least once a day (4 days now). Are there any known fixes to this besides having to rma? Also I'm not asking support because they require you to fill out a lot of info that I don't have at the moment. And also maybe some users have figured out solutions that the support team wouldn't suggest.

    The only thing that doesn't freeze is the chroma keyboard color cycling.


    yo homie, there was thread about this a couple months ago... now I didn't read the whole thread cuz somehow its 6 pages but there might be something in there...
  17. rOOphLESS

    rOOphLESS Member

    my New Razer Blade Stealth had frozen on me 15 times since receiving it on the morning of 9/14. I've tried several system restores/drivers of all kinds and removing synapse completely. I am now roughly 20 hours into no freezes and the only 2 changes I made were updating the display driver via device manager and letting it find the driver online. The other change and the one I believe has me going in the right direction is I have stopped using the laptop while it's plugged in.

    I am using it strictly on battery and then just charging it up when it reaches 30'ish percent and just using my phone/surface to allow it to charge. I'm wondering if the charger is spiking or the current from the outlet I was plugging into was the culprit. It was plugged into a surge protector which shares an outlet with a window A/C unit.

    I'm going to try and run it plugged in from a completely different outlet but I want to complete the 24 hours no crash first.

    Just a heads up in case anyone is as frustrated as I am and hasn't tried to rule out the charge input as a possible cause.
  18. banhmixo

    banhmixo New Member

    I'd rma that thing so fast... although it might be better to find a resolution but then again... razer quality control is really awful and you prob just have a bad apple. GL on the fix man
  19. I can confirm that this is not a windows issue, I'm running Linux and I'm getting lockups once a day (two days). The video is frozen and the fans are running hard and the only thing you can do is a hard reboot. No info in the logs.... I'd have to guess a hardware/bios/efi issue
  20. Dylan_Ma

    Dylan_Ma Member Staff Member

    Hi everyone, I understand there has been an issue of the New Razer Blade QHD+ model "freezing". For those of you who are facing this problem, the best course of action would be to contact our Support Team and they will be able to assist you with this issue.
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