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Question about huntsman elite

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Liightwood, Nov 28, 2019.

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  1. Liightwood

    Liightwood New Member


    I wonder if the huntsman elite with the linear switches has a Nordic layout or is it only the US layout that exists?
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  2. draxxuu

    draxxuu New Member

    When i bought i had the choice between the ANSI & ISO layouts on checkout i think
  3. Liightwood

    Liightwood New Member

    Okey cause when am at the checkout where you can choose like extra arm wrist and so. I only have the US layout. Would be nice if a EU layout existed
  4. Tysean

    Tysean Member

    From the Official Razer Huntsman Elite Support Page:

    What regional layouts are available for the Razer Huntsman keyboards?
    The Huntsman comes in US, UK, German, Nordic, French, Traditional Chinese, Thai, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Italian, Swiss, Spanish, Greek, Turkish and Portuguese.
    The Huntsman Elite only comes in US, UK, German, French, Spanish, Nordic and Japanese.
  5. Liightwood

    Liightwood New Member

    That’s the one with light and clicks switches. Am wondering about the version with linear as at the checkout I can only choose US layout
  6. Jevnaker

    Jevnaker New Member

    Hello how long does it usually take between an new razer type of switch being added to an razer keyboard type and the nordic edition of that keyboard being avaible with that razer key type? cus i really want hunstman elite nordic edition with razer reds.
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  7. Joakimbz

    Joakimbz New Member

    I'm in that same situation.
    Huntsman Elite Nordic Edition with Razer Red
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  8. YaKmAn1969

    YaKmAn1969 New Member

    hi question.. anyone experience 1 light bulb of huntsman elite not working. shows here red dot. can someone help me please?
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  9. skaihs

    skaihs New Member

    my keyboard has the same problem with the j key its so annoying i dont know what to do
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