Question about logo position on Blade Stealth and skin selection

Discussion in 'Systems' started by emiljou, Apr 26, 2017.

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  1. emiljou

    emiljou New Member

    Hi, I bought my Skylake version Blade Stealth back in Dec. 2016 and bought a set of skins from Slickwraps.

    I knew that the logo position on the late 2016 Blade Stealth is different from the early 2016 version, so I bought the early 2016 version since I have a Skylake CPU. But the logo cut-out on the skin did not align with the Razer logo, and the customer service from Slickwraps claims that I got the old version skin for the new version laptop.

    I'm now getting a new set of skins from dbrand. They also provides different version of skins for Blade Stealth. So, my question is, did Razer use the same version of the A-side cover as the Kaby Lake Stealth on later batch of Skylake Stealth? Which version of the skin should I buy?
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