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Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Arnoud242, Jan 26, 2015.

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  1. jonkers

    jonkers Member


    I hope i can ask this on this forum, but i have a little trouble with my new BW Chroma. (love the keyboard btw)

    But here's the thing. I have a 5.1 surround system that goes in the back of my PC by 3 cables.
    - The regular audio put in (green)
    - The rear cable (black)
    - And another cable for front i guess (yellow)

    Now on the top of my PC i have 4 extra USB ports, and one audio jack and one microphone jack.

    So i put the 2 USB cables and 2 audio cables of the BW Chroma on the top of my PC where i have extra USB and audio inputs.

    So i thought, now i can put my headset in on the side of my BW when i want to use my headset, and when i pull the cables out, the sound will come out of the surround system again.

    But there is no sound coming out of my surround system anymore, and only have sound when i use my headset. Only when i pull the audio cable of the BW out of the top of my PC, sound will come out of the boxes again.

    What is the best way to solve this? I am not really an expert in this.

    Hope someone can help me!

    Thanks in advance.

  2. PeterB

    PeterB Active Member

    This is probably a problem that has occurred in windows, most probably it has detected an output on the front panel audio connectors and set that to your default device. If you go into your playback device settings have a look at what there is and tell me.
  3. jonkers

    jonkers Member

    If i go to playback device settings i see that the default setting is:
    Realtek High Definition Audio
    Default Device.

    That doesn't change when i put the cables of the keyboard out. The sound will come out of my boxes but the playback settings stay the same.

    I also see 2 other devices on there that aren't in use.
    The realtek digital output and the optical one
  4. jonkers

    jonkers Member

    Just heard from someone else that a possible way to solve this is to buy an audio splitter. with one male 3.5mm plug on one end and two female plugs on the other end.

    So i put that one in the back of my PC in the green one. and on the other end 1 green cable of the BW and one green cable of surround system.

    You think that would work?
  5. TechAgn3l

    TechAgn3l Member

    I'm sorry to point this out that that wouldn't work, it would confuse the PC.

    This is a hard thing to diagnose since there is so many variables. I would start with looking at playback devices like Peter said. If you can provide screenshots I can help you a bit more.
  6. Creeford

    Creeford Member

    I'd start by looking in sound manager (see the image I've attached). Make sure everything in there is set to "Set as Default" is the correct device. Sometimes when you plug in new items the computer gets confused.

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  7. TechAgn3l

    TechAgn3l Member

    Well, windows by default says that if headphones are plugged in they are to take control of sound output before all other devices.

    and plugging any device into the front jack will cause it to be registered in the OS as a pair of headphones.
  8. Creeford

    Creeford Member

    True. Plus if he unplugs his headphones, windows doesn't always switch back from headphones to the default device (i.e. surround sound speakers).
  9. TechAgn3l

    TechAgn3l Member

    Though if he removes the keyboards AUX plugs from the front of the tower instead of unplugging the headphones from the keyboard. That should register the surround sound as the default device, and thus solve his problem.

    I personally just have my sound hooked up and headset, and then switch them as I please.
  10. Creeford

    Creeford Member

    Yeah. I do the same for one of my rigs.
  11. jonkers

    jonkers Member

    Here is a screenshot of my playback devices.

    This screenshot was taken when my keyboard was in with all the cables, and my headset plugged in the keyboard.
    Nothing changes when i take the headset out. There's no sound then, because the sound is still being send to the keyboard.

    When i take the sound-cables of the keyboard out of my computer, sound will come out of my boxes, but the Playback Device settings stay the same as in the picture.

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  12. jonkers

    jonkers Member

    The reason i want it to work this way is because my PC is under the table and hard to reach.
    Before i had this keyboard, when i wanted to use my headset, i went under the table and plug it in on top of the PC, where now my keyboard is plugged in.
    And when i wanted the sound back on my boxes, i again went under the table, and plug the headset out.

    Now i have to do the same still. When i want to have the sound back on my boxes (instead of my keyboard) i have to go under the table and plug the audio cables of the keyboard out.

    So i have no use now of those headset inputs on the BW, because i still have to go under the table to change the sound.
  13. TechAgn3l

    TechAgn3l Member

    Honestly to me it looks like the front panel doesn't have the drivers installed.
    Are you able to get the sound to play from head phones?
    and also try unplugging the AUX cable from the front instead of unplugging the headphones.
  14. TechAgn3l

    TechAgn3l Member

    It might be drivers for either the front panel or the keyboard.

    have you ever had the front panel working, or did you have to use the back panel?
  15. ProudSikh

    ProudSikh Member


    What you should do is already recommended. When your done using your headphones, set the default device as your surround sound speakers and not the keyboard. Windows is really bad when it comes to detecting what audio source is working.

    So after you unplug your headphones from the keyboard, since the keyboard itself is plugged in as a "audio" device, even thou its a passthrough, windows will continue to send audio through it. If you set it manually, then you won't have any problems
  16. TechAgn3l

    TechAgn3l Member

    Correct, but if you look at his audio screenshot it only shows three devices all of which are part of the same channel, being his back ports. There is no sign of his front port, and unless it has worked in the past then my guess is missing drivers or internal cables not plugged in for front port.
  17. ProudSikh

    ProudSikh Member

    Windows doesnt pick up realtek settings sometimes. I just recently worked out an audio issue where the front panel and back panel were managed by realtek hd audio manager and windows saw both as the same channel and list it as "speakers".

    if you right click > properties, you can see the port configuration. Its really dumb how it works
  18. jonkers

    jonkers Member

    Thanks for the help guys! i appreciate it!
    I have to go now, but when i'm back home, i'm going to try some things.
    And if it don't work i will post some more screenshots :D
  19. TechAgn3l

    TechAgn3l Member

    No problem, i'll be around here and there and will respond to further help you out with this issue as needed.
  20. jonkers

    jonkers Member

    Hello! I'm back.

    So i took some pictures to give you an image of the whole problem.

    As you can see in the 'Headset' picture, those are the extra USB ports and audio ports on top of my PC. Let's call it the front.

    In the 'Surround System' picture you see three cables in the rear of my PC. Those are for the 5.1 sound.

    Before i had this keyboard, i'd just crawl under my table, and put my headset in the front of my PC, and automatically switch to my headset instead of the speakers.

    Now as you can see in the 'Keyboard' Picture, i put all the cables of the keyboard in the front, and the surround system cables are still in the rear.

    But the sound will always be send to the front first, and only switches back to the rear when i take the cables out. So now the sound is always directed to my keyboard and not to my speakers anymore.

    On the 'Speaker properties' picture you see how the properties look like when i don't put my audio cables of the keyboard in the PC. On the 'Keyboard properties' picture you see how that looks like when the keyboard audio cables are plugged in.
    You see an extra L R Front panel 3.5 mm Jack is plugged in. (my keyboard).

    Now i have to find an option where i can choose to select manually if the sound is directed to the front or the rear L R Jack. Now it's always send to the front.

    So does someone know how to switch between them?

    Thanks in advance! :)

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