Question concerning 'eSports peripherals' vs. regular gaming peripherals!

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by Hawkeye85, Nov 6, 2017.

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    I have some questions about what 'makes' eSports-rated peripherals!

    Mostly I want to know these answers for FPS games, such as Overwatch.

    Going to start with my mice questions!

    1.) Is weight really important? Does it need to be light for optimal speed, or should it have a bit of weight to help you with pixel-precise movements/tracking?

    This question came to mind when I was messing around with both my Basilisk and my Naga Epic Chroma. I noticed a major weight difference between the two(this is with my Naga plugged in directly), and felt like it affected my aim. It glitches a lot so it is hard to tell whether the weight helped or not, which is why I am wondering if it is a significant aiming factor.

    2.) How much do the mouse feet affect aim?

    Lets say 1 mouse has its entire bottom covered in a giant mouse 'foot'(assuming all mice use about the same feet), and the other uses 4 small rounded feet on each corner of the mouse.. would one be more towards speed, and the other control? Which would be more towards control, and which towards speed?

    What else makes Mice eSports vs. Gaming?
    Mouse pads:

    1.) Is there really a difference between 'Speed' focused and 'Control' focused mouse mats?
    If there is a difference, how great is it?

    2.) Does thickness matter?
    Will digging into the mouse pad really help with precision aiming if you have a cloth mat?

    What else makes Mouse Pads eSports vs. gaming?

    Audio + Keyboards:

    Not really interested in what makes eSports Audio/Keyboards since I know it depends on Speed, Build Quality, and for Headsets, Surround Sound Quality.

    Thanks in advance!
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