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Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by GhostieGuy, Sep 24, 2020.

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  1. GhostieGuy

    GhostieGuy New Member

    So I tried out the Deathadder v2, Basilisk v2, Viper, and Viper mini.

    The Viper was my favorite shape and mouse wheel by far. Super comfortable.

    However... the buttons just feel odd compared to everything else. It was fully functional, but the mouse clicks felt soft and crunchy. And the side buttons needed to be pressed until you feel the sharp edge on the shell in order to register.
    It was just so much different that all the other Razer mice including the Razer mini, I just wanted to ask around and make sure it is supposed to feel this way.
    Like, if the Viper had the Viper mini buttons it would be my perfect choice and I could just move on.

    I was hoping some Viper users would be willing to share their impressions of the button feel.
    I was reading around that the Viper and Viper Ultimate had softer clicks than many people prefer, so maybe this is normal?
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  2. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    I have 3 of them: Viper Mini, Viper, Viper Ultimate.
    Both Viper and Ultimate has soft (someone called id "mushy") clicks. Viper Mini crisp (and IMO it has the best mouse buttons from all Vipers).

    I heared, that the new RVU White/Pink has something fixed, but we'll see after few weeks/months of usage.
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  3. GhostieGuy

    GhostieGuy New Member

    Thanks, the more I look into it, it seems that the viper was one of the first to use the new optical switches and they have been refining them through each mouse since then.
    Are there any differences in how the viper and viper ultimate buttons work?
  4. GhostieGuy

    GhostieGuy New Member

    Ok, so I returned the first Viper, and swapped for another one. This one is still softer than the others, but way better than the first Viper. Doesn't have that multi-step crunch sensation like the first one did either. It especially had extra crunch on the right click. Still has extra travel compared to other clicks, but this one is much crispier. Side buttons are about the same.
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  5. New Member

    personally i can not press side buttons easily on Viper and i can not use side buttons in FPS games (Palm). also they are in bad place unlike deathadder/v2 which has very comfortable and very well placed side buttons. this is because Viper is an Ambidextrous mouse. in my opinion 90% of gamers/users won't use Ambidextrous feature. simply Razer can build separate products for both right handed and left handed users and i hope they change this design in Viper series.
  6. GhostieGuy

    GhostieGuy New Member

    I think a better solution would be to make the buttons detachable or lockable. Add a slide lock switch to the bottom of the mouse to lock one side or the other and make the buttons protrude more. Or simply rely on software to turn off the buttons on the opposite side if they bother you.
    I agree, they are too low profile to easily use in an fps scenario. I have gotten used to the buttons overall, but I need my thumb in an unideal very specific angle which makes my grip less secure.
    That said the shape of the mouse is way more comfortable than a death adder for my hand, so I ended up keeping it anyway. Maybe one day I will 3d print some better buttons and mod it if they don't have a better option by then.
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