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Quick question about Razer Viper (wired)

Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by AniRayn, Mar 17, 2020.

  1. AniRayn

    AniRayn New Member

    Can you completely disable lighting on the Razer Viper mouse then uninstall Synapse? I don't really care about the rgb and I don't want Synapse installed.
  2. muita

    muita New Member

    you can :)
    I struggled a lot to store on the mouse memory a default static profile and then uninstall Synapse
    apparently this is not wanted by the Razer software engineers, as they insist having Synapse running all the time for some reason...
    I really gave it a shot keeping Synapse, trying troubleshot they gave me on e-mail, but nothing worked, so I gave up and uninstall Synapse
    I discovered that if it is set the luminosity to zero, this ACTUALLY remains in the mouse memory, after closing Synapse lights are out, DPI profiles saved, so that was it!
    It will look like a 1999 mouse w/o lights, but does the job!
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