Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by JulianBaier, Jun 21, 2020.

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  1. JulianBaier

    JulianBaier New Member

    Ubisoft launched a new season of R6. What do you like about Y5S2?
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  2. cravenguy

    cravenguy Member

    Revisiting my experiences in steel wave, hmmmm

    Mute Protocol was fun. there were like at least 3 gamebreaking bugs, glitches, and exploits that plagued it upon release but its rainbow six siege, what do u expect.

    its pretty cool to have an unaffiliated operator (oryx) to represent lesser known forces that we work with around the world.

    melusi bans in unranked and ranked all day, i'm ok with that.

    they still haven't taken outback out of the comp map pool so im kinda worried about that.

    iana thicc
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