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Discussion in 'Console Peripherals' started by CoralPinkegggreat831, Nov 25, 2018.

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  1. Hi,

    I've been testing the controller on my PS4 and PC and I've come to the conclusion that the input threshold is way to low to be playable.

    I've compared it to a Xbox one controller and a DS4.

    For instance on a DS4 I get 75-80% movement on the right stick that is grate for those fine aim moments. And above that you get fast movement for those 360 noscopes. And it's about the same on the Xone pad.

    I find myself having to use the slowdown function to be even close to aim as good as with the stock controllers, and this is a pain in those close quarters gun fights.

    The raiju offers a fine aim up to about 45-50% movement after that it's lightspeed... And my thumb starts aking after 10min of gameplay trying to compensate this. I have the highest values set in for example BFV but it's still to low even at 100%.

    Here is a comparison to a DS4 i might as well share it here since razer support wanted a video of the issue notice the aim is far of in the second half of the video.

    And of course it has the occasional stickdrift when in wiredmode and sometimes the L2 button toggles on and of.

    I bought this controller to improve my game play, to get those faster meles and reloads and so on...
    Instead I find myself in the bottom of the scoreboard with all the noobs because I can't aim properly.

    So to come to conclution is there a way to remap this? I can't find anything in the app and nothing on razers own website.
  2. SnerZ

    SnerZ New Member

    Many customers have this problem with this Raiju controller for several months... You need tchat with the online support for get the new firmware 1.02, but for me this newest doesn't work.
    I hope for you this firmware will correct / reduce this problem !
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