Raiju TE large uneven deadzone

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by ammoTangoPinkauto458, Dec 28, 2018.

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  1. Hi, I've updated my raiju tournament edition with beta version of 1.2 firmware. So I'm not sure if the issue also exist without this update.

    However I've noticed I'm drawn back to the regular ps4 controller because the raiju felt really inaccurate.
    I mostly play blackops 4 which already has some deadzone setup so the issue was harder to spot.
    However battlefield 5 allows fine tuning of the deadzone setting, even removing it completely.

    I've noticed the raiju, compared to default ps4 controlle, has a very large and uneven deadzone on the right stick (haven't tested the left one much).
    Going with the right stick to the left side has larger deadzone than going to the right. Going either right or left has larger deadzone than the ps4 controller.
    This is especially noticable when leading the right stick both up and to the left side. It feels very choppy and uneven. Going mostly up and registering the leading to the left at certain intervals.

    Default ps4 controller feels like having far superior accuracy.
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    Hello there! Have you tried resetting the controller using the mobile app? If not yet, please do and let me know through PM how it goes.
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    Destiny 2 has the same issue, dont have confidence at all when adjusting aim.....have to go back to DS4, at least for now.
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  4. I've tried the reset. It didn't change anything as far as I can see. I've tested the controller again on battflefield 5, practice range. I've set the 'Center deadzone' and 'axial deadzone' settings in 'Controller tuning' to 0% for testing.

    Raiju TE:
    When gently going with the right stich to the left side... the crosshair actually moves to the right side. Only after more angle to the left with the stick, the crosshair starts going left. The stick needs a lot more angle/force to the left relatively to the standard PS4 controller to actually register.
    Up and down movements seem to be more balanced.

    Standard PS4 controller:
    No such issue. Both sides are balanced. Slight force to either side with the right stick is registered as expected.

    I'm not planning on using the controller with 0% deadzone, but this to me certainly shows the issue with the controller.
    Right stick has a clear bias to the right. I don't see how firmware updates can compensate for this.

    Atm I'm really disappointed with my purchase.
    The sticks on the raiju are either of lower quality than the regular PS4 controller stick or lack the proper calibration.
  5. So.. how many days does one have to wait to get some response?

    Is this a known issue with a fix razer is working on? Do I need to return the controller with the hope the next one doesn't have that issue?

    I've used compressed air on the right stick.. the crosshair going right, when pushing the analog stick to the left issue is lessened. It comes back however.

    The uneven deadzone remains. Left side has a way too large deadzone prohibiting any type of fine/accurate control when aiming. Making this unsuitable for any type of competetive gameplay.
  6. So I've had contact with someone from razersupport. I've been asked to create recording of my issue.
    If anyone is interested here's the link.
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