Raiju TE/Ultimate Stick Drift Fix

Discussion in 'Console Peripherals' started by dekades, Sep 21, 2018.

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  1. I realized this problem myself today.
    I bought the controller Tournament Edition 30 october here in Norway. I have yet to play much with it.
    First 5-10 minutes of playing I noticed the Hairtriggers, did not work. Even if I pressed the button it would release. I stopped using Hair-trigger cause it is unreliable . But I thought " ahh , I will let this go, because it was not the main reason I bought it, It's not worth complaining over".

    Since then I have not played so much, but today playing CoD I realized the right stick is drifting, even when I am not moving it. If I just touch the Right stick it start drifting to the right.
    Same goes for left stick, but it does not drift so obvious and clear as right stick.

    I myself have the option of delivering the item back to shop in 50 days or less if I am not satisfied with the product.

    I read there was a lot of problems with this controller even before I bought it, but I still stayed positive and bought it because it looked great and assumed it was minority of people who had experienced problems with this product.
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  2. cenkz

    cenkz New Member

    The links do not work, any idea why? Also my new Razer Raiju TE wont pair with my ps4, no idea what to do, can someone please guide me? Premium product that does not work at all, feels I have been scammed =/
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  3. GODzillaGSPB

    GODzillaGSPB Member

    Just to let you guys know that my support request I mentioned in my other thread had a funny outcome. Because of the hilarious 500 character limit from the support form I couldn't explain where I was going with the question and they thought it's just about the stick drift.

    So they answered me via e-mail and got me a link to the new beta 1.02 firmware. But before you ask, I wont post the link. Please also don't bother to PM me, I wont share it. I could never know if the link was somehow personlized and I wont betray their trust.

    So why post this? Well you can try the official way like I did. Open up a support ticket. 500 character limit is still in place but now that you know you can directly ask for it I guess:

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  4. Acacyn

    Acacyn New Member

    Thanks for that info !
    So im asuming you installed the „new“ beta firmware on to your controller.
    Would you mind to let us all know if the firmware has potential to work this time ?
    If its not gonna work, im throwing that thing in a box and send it back where it came from.
  5. GODzillaGSPB

    GODzillaGSPB Member

    Sorry, I did not. As you can read in my other thread, linked above, my request wasn't for the drift stick issue itself but whether the controller is charging when wired but using BT mode.

    The honest reason though for not trying out the 1.02 beta is that I simply don't fancy being a beta tester right now. The Raiju Ultimate works great in BT mode for me (so no lag, tested in several PS4 exclusives and RDR2) and that's all I currently need.

    With beta firmware / software there is a good possibility something might go wrong and then, as far as I know, there is no going back to 1.01. I would have to pause my RDR2 playthrough or downgrade to a standard DS4, not something I'd like to do.
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  6. SiR-Swifty

    SiR-Swifty New Member

    I made a thread here on how the beta worked for me https://insider.razer.com/index.php...ultimate-te-beta-firmware-v1-02-tested.43770/
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  7. Acacyn

    Acacyn New Member

  8. blackhawk76dz

    blackhawk76dz New Member

    I have the same issue.
    I tried the update and the reset but a still have a drift.
    Any chance to solve it?
  9. Zero_aka_nollan

    Zero_aka_nollan New Member

    ...wait for a fw update or return controller is the options at the moment.
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  10. blackhawk76dz

    blackhawk76dz New Member

    thank's for the advise.
  11. dekades

    dekades Community Cowboy Staff Member

    Re-post from another thread: If you're experiencing problems and would like to see if the beta firmware update can help, create a thread in the Support Forum and you'll be assisted. Please do NOT share the link publicly as it hurts our efforts to track and identify issues and create fixes. Thanks for understanding and please do continue to share your feedback. It is MUCH appreciated.
  12. vietnamine

    vietnamine New Member

    still looking for a beta, just got mine Razer raiju ultimate, but having issues with drifting and inputlag,
  13. VeilsideNL

    VeilsideNL New Member

    Unfortunately the beta won't help you bro. I tried the beta and some of the stick drift issues improved, but there were still times where it was acting up again up. So frustrating since I play competitive and my stats were decreasing big time. I was quite patient while they were working on a solution, but since a few days I switched back to the DualShock 4 yesterday and it felt so much better, plus my competitive K/D immediately went up again.

    Decided to send it back, which sucks because I love the look & feel, but it's just not playable.
  14. sharpzoneCerise441

    sharpzoneCerise441 New Member

    I too like the feeling of Raiju Ultimate, it feels solid.

    I tried the 1.0.2_r2 beta firmware and saw no practical change. So do not get your hopes up with the beta yet at least.
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  15. Zero_aka_nollan

    Zero_aka_nollan New Member

    How do i get access to a beta fw? I just got my other Raiju Ultimate delivered and thought to test if it works better than the first one I bought.
  16. 7nightwing7

    7nightwing7 Active Member

    Same. The really need to focus on fixing this.
  17. kiril_d

    kiril_d New Member

    I am testing the 1.02 from two days on Raiju tournament edition and and there is huge improvement on input lag on BT mode. The left stick drift is still here tho.

    Overall it seems to be a step in the right direction
  18. KingsizeOcb

    KingsizeOcb New Member

    Can i get the 1.02 update link too?
  19. GODzillaGSPB

    GODzillaGSPB Member

    So, they finally got me an RMA number and a return label for my Razer Raiju Ultimate. It's for Fed Ex. I'm living in Germany. They know, because I send them all the data of my purchase. Fed Ex is not really a thing in Germany. We have DHL, UPS, Hermes, GLS and a few minor companies. The next Fed Ex office is 3 car hours away (I only have a bike, 18 hours for one trip lol).

    So there are instructions that hint toward fedex.com/globalreturns but there is no info here. I tried to register an account which doesn't work because they don't accept my VISA which usually works worldwide.

    If this is what the last line of customer support is supposed to feel like with Razer this will be my last purchase from this company for a long time.
  20. Zero_aka_nollan

    Zero_aka_nollan New Member

    I just call Fedex for my pickup and they came the same day for the pickup. You should find a nr on the webpage, it was really smooth!
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