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Raiju Ultimate beta firmware feedback

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by stavrosmangaros, Nov 8, 2018.

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  1. stavrosmangaros

    stavrosmangaros Active Member

    Hello i have been testing the raiju ultimate beta for a couple days. First thing i have to say. First day i played both wired and wireless but the wireless has problems outside gaming. It connected to the ps4 instantly but took almost one hour till it connected to the pc and mobile app (yes i followed the instructions, pressed the combo of buttons till it started blinking for each occasion and pressed the mobile app button till it started blinking rapidly as well). Today tho it connected instantly to the pc and the mobile app but till this point it cant connect to the ps4 via bluetooth altho yesterday i could. I cant say whether thats better of worse with the beta since i only tried the wireless at a friend's house once, noticed the huge delay and never attempted to play wireless again. But i went to my friend's house as well to test this further, my raiju ultimate connects to his pc instantly as well, connects with the mobile app on his phone instantly too but couldnt connect with his ps4 that had previously connected a week ago. So the wireless has problems outside gaming.

    Now i couldnt try wireless for a second day in a row cuz of this but i noticed very small delay yesterday, needs a bit more fixing but its almost perfect. Sticks drifts were much smaller in wireless yesterday compared to wired but the left stick had many moments of being unresponsive while the right stick was much better, tho the right stick still had some drift sticks too. The wired has less left stick drifts but more and bigger right stick drifts. I noticed 3 types of stick drifts: 1) moving to the direction u turn the stick to but going further and causing a way bigger movement, 2) moving very little or not moving at all for a bit, which usually is followed by some random stick drifts, this causes the right stick to seem as it refuses to work for a bit, then usually drifts after that and comes back to life and 3) really really small drifts of both categories here and there that make the controller feel less responsive. These 3 categories are about the right stick, at times the left stick is refusing to move or moves at a different direction so it might seem like the right stick isnt responding, but in reality its the combination of movement while aiming that makes it seem like that. So i tried 3 different things: moving only with the left stick, aiming standing still only with the right stick and moving while aiming.

    Only moving seems good but not very accurate at times cuz of small left stick drifts, moving while aiming is much much better than before since the small stick drifts of both the left and right stick can instantly be "corrected" by us altering the aim again, the third one showed how many problems the right stick has at times and makes it really eays to distinguish the types of stick drift happening. Also 2 more things. I tried it with overwatch on my console and with cod BO4 on my friend's console. I took a video about overwatch and couldnt do it from my friend's ps4 again.

    But i noticed 2 things, while playing wired always cuz the bluetooth didnt want to work today, when playing with really fast characters and doing some instant turns and then adjusting the aim a bit, i see very little problems. So with genji when i slash and then turn instantly and then just aimed while jumping, i saw almost no problems, same with tracer while blinking and turning. With Soldier that needs "tracking" with the controller i saw it happen more often. With McCree even less often than soldier since he needs small fast movements like "flicking" to aim. BUT when using the widowmaker it was horrible. Because when u use the sniper the sensitivity lowers u have to turn/use the right stick much more than before. At that pont the game became unplayable, every 10 to 20 seconds i saw something that was hard to describe, i was playing many hours with all the characters but it took 15 minutes of widowmaker to make the controller unplayble. After that the other characters started drifitng more and more often. So like the previous patch, after a point it just goes back to being unplayable.

    The 2nd thing i noticed, what happened to me with widowmaker at overwatch, happened to both me and my friend who were trying the controller at his house while playing COD BO4. Because while aiming down the sights the sensitivity again drops and u have to move the sticks more than u would if u didnt aim, the sticks are turned for a much bigger duration compared to many overwatch characters, similar to windowmaker and the controller became unplayable for COD very fast, like it became unplayable with widowmaker very fast. One weird thing about that, when it became unplayable, the moment i connected to the mobile app and did some changes, it was like for a bit it got a "reset" and started behaving normally again. And one last thing, every time a profile is being changed while playing, there's always some unresponsive movement for either the left or the right stick, sometimes hard to notice, other times really obvious. So anyways here's the video with many overwatch clips of the controller doing "crazy" stuff.

    P.S. when playing Genji-Pharah etc the controller for a couple hours felt perfect, the moment i played widow and then played COD, it becomes unplayable. The controller has a big issue when aiming for longer durations. That was something very obvious to me. Im a software developer so i tried to analyse it as much as i could, i hope this helps the team working on the controller.
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