Raiju Ultimate beta firmware feedback

Discussion in 'Console Peripherals' started by stavrosmangaros, Nov 8, 2018.

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  1. stavrosmangaros

    stavrosmangaros Active Member

    I made a thread with a detailed analysis of what i saw from the beta here in the support forum: https://insider.razer.com/index.php?threads/raiju-ultimate-beta-firmware-feedback.43873/

    its a long post for whoever wants to read it, also made a video about my experience with the beta on overwatch.

    Also played the controller at a friend's house with COD. With Widowmaker it became unplayable, with COD it also was unplayable after a bit. I noticed that with characters on OW who need "longer aiming" like ana and widowmaker, because they use a sniper and when zooming in with the sniper it decreases significantly the sensitivity, so when aiming like that we need to turn the sticks longer or more due to the smaller sensitivity and the stick drifts happen way more often. Its the same thing when aiming down the sights with a weapon at COD, smaller sensitivity that leads to needing to turn the sticks more and for a bigger duration and then i have seen the controller going crazy. When i was playing genji and pharah on overwatch the controller was perfect but when it needs to be used for bigger time periods it goes crazy.

    Also the controller connected instantly via bluetooth to my ps4 yesterday but took ages to connect to my pc and the mobile app, but today it wont connect to the ps4, its refusing to do so but it instantly connected to the mobile app and my pc.

    Has anyone had similar or different experiences with the beta?
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  2. GODzillaGSPB

    GODzillaGSPB Member

    "Drift" is when there is no input at all and the cursor onscreen moves on its own. I made the same mistake in describing my problems with this term, but I think you experience the same as I do:

    The stick sensitivity differs. For me it's initially more responsive to the right than to the left. It's minor when connected via bluetooth, but still shouldn't be with a 199€ controller imho. It's much more noticeable when connected via usb cable though, which is why I only use it via BT atm.
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  3. stavrosmangaros

    stavrosmangaros Active Member

    I agree, u know what i think? it drifts all the time, but with different strenght/duration. So lets say we aim 5 meters to the right of our player and the controller drifts for 10 milisecond to the left, its gonna seem like its not 100% responsive or that "something" is a but wrong, lets say it drifts 400 ms, then its gonna seem like its not responding, like there's an actual drift. I think when it drifts its like it disconnects for just a bit, like it runs out of memory, imo it depends on the duration. Sometimes it drifts on the direction you're aiming, or at least it seems like it, other times it slows down ur movement, other times it refuses to move at all.

    If u watch the whole video above, there are some minor drifts, some differences in sensitivity but near the end there are some huge stick drifts, one was completely insane, it went crazy for like 2 seconds, completely unresponsive. The stick drift and the bluetooth needs for sure fixing 100%. I had tho no hair trigger issues when everyone was mentioning it, for me the hair triggers were perfect with the beta.
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  4. GODzillaGSPB

    GODzillaGSPB Member

    I just found a very easy way to confirm what I already noticed on the PS4: I connected the Raiju Ultimate to my pc using BT and then went into game controller settings, where you can see the input as button prompts and animated graphs and axis.

    And there it is plain and simple. Issue with the right stick, which shows a smooth transition in all but one direction. When I move the thumbstick along the positive x-axis (translation: to the right) it jumps after only 0.5 to 1.0 millimeter. So the movement along this particular axis is NOT translated into a smooth signal, it jumps back and forth and only returns into a steadily raising output at the end of the movement towards the outer right edge.

    (And I'm afraid this is as good as I am able to explain it. I wish I had the tools to make a video showing this, as in showing the operation of the gamepad and in the same picture the animated graph on the scree...but I don't have a camera, or a camera stand.)

    The worst part is that I have a feeling this is a hardware malfunction, a flaw in the construction and not something that can be fixed via firmware update. :slightly_sad:
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  5. stavrosmangaros

    stavrosmangaros Active Member

    I understand exactly what u said, its like this video for nacon compared to the DS4:

    Im a software engineer and trust me its not a hardware issue, razer have been using the same partners for a long time, if the first raiju and the wolverine work, then the new raiju will work as well, there's no way the partner had good parts for those but bad parts for the new raiju, imagine that its just some hardware that is sending/receiving signals and u have to write a code that translates that. Its 100% a software issue, the drivers are faulty for some reason. In the end they will figure it out, even if it means re-writing that part. But its gonna take some time. if they knew what the problem was then it wouldnt have ever happened to begin with.

    We just have to be patient, i just dont want this to transform into a situation where Razer never fixes it, i dont believe that will happen cuz the first raiju had many problems when it came out but after 6 patches i think it was perfect. And that took like 5-6 months if i remember correctly, lets hope this time it takes way less.
  6. GODzillaGSPB

    GODzillaGSPB Member

    Well I'm not an engineer at all and gladly take your word for it, thank you. :) Makes me hopeful they'll get this sorted and hopefully soon.

    BTW: Had the Nacon Revolution Pro 2 for a while (used it to play through God of War) and liked it. It took only three controllers until I got one without a defect, yay! :rolleyes:
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  7. stavrosmangaros

    stavrosmangaros Active Member

    I had the v1 and got 4 replacements, the next one i exchanged with money for the v2 in the end, better cable but imo even more sensitive L1-R1. The video above tho with the axis were for the nacon revolution, so u can see the right stick is flawed. Also after pressing the R2/L2 and then pressing the L1/R1, there was a slight delay till registering L1/R1. If someone is playing genji on Overwatch its obvious for example. I cant play with it anymore tbh, asked for a replacement and with some money i bought the controller we both have. Seems much better.
  8. GODzillaGSPB

    GODzillaGSPB Member

    Well it ought to be, it's ~90€ more expensive. :D

    Yesterday I made a decision: I will wait a little while longer, see what the final firmware 1.02 brings maybe...but if there is no fix I will probably go back to Scuf. I came from a Scuf (Infinity), they had the best grip on the underside of the controller and the sticks where excellent. Well they are mostly standard DS4 but I used their longer versions back then and they were awesome, especially the grip on them. Will try a Scuf Impact I guess.

    Will I miss the tactile buttons on the Raiju Ultimate and the angled shoulders for easier access of the shoulder buttons? Certainly. But what does it count when the sticks are flawed, the one thing I need to walk and aim in a game?

    This whole affair shows that controllers build upon the original have potentially much less flaws than those custom built...
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  9. I tried 1.02 beta and my stickdrift on the left one was a little less...but not gone.. gonna try to get a refund...in the beginning when everything was ok, no stickdrift,, i loved this controller... But flaws like this make it a piece of crap...an expensive piece of crap
    Maybe when the problems are gone i might rebuy one but for now, no thnx
  10. 7nightwing7

    7nightwing7 Active Member

    I will wait it out. Scuff controllers are not that better. They all gave their bugs upon release. Just takes time to get it fixed.
  11. stavrosmangaros

    stavrosmangaros Active Member

    Scuff vantage till now seems to be the worst elite controller out there, mutltiple reports of the controller breaking down less than a week from the release date but the normal scuff controllers seem to be fine, not an option tho here in Europe
    i think thats the best option
    Thats another good option, have a working controller till this one gets completely fixed.
  12. GODzillaGSPB

    GODzillaGSPB Member

    ...yes and then I thought about it a bit longer and saw a few disadvantages with Scuf controllers. :D

    In the honest review series on YT the youtuber is mentioning Scufs rather limited warranty. It's only one year. And with the Brexit coming in fast - I'm living in Germany, production AND support for Scuf is located in England, I'm speaking from experience here, had to send one back - this is something to consider. Paying nearly 200€ for a Scuf than having a limited one year warranty and no way to forsee future hassles with this...maybe not a good idea.

    Obviously this depends on where you're living. For Europe and especially central Europe the competitor AIM might be a better alternative. They are located in Poland and, not a surprise, their prices are quite a bit lower compared to Scuf, while their range of modifications seems at least equal. I'll keep them in mind for sure, just in case. ^^
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  13. req0power

    req0power New Member

    Is there a possibility to obtain this beta soft?
  14. 7nightwing7

    7nightwing7 Active Member

    Send a pm to the staff or open a thread on the support page.
  15. stavrosmangaros

    stavrosmangaros Active Member

    then i suggest staying with the DS4 for now like propably almost all of us! i also have the nacon but its nearing its end, i think its gonna serve its purpose till a patch comes out and fixes everything. At least i hope it lasts till then!
  16. At the version 1.02 the wireless connection with PS4 doesn't work! Help me please! How can I downgrade the software at 1.01? Sorry for my english I used Google Translate.
  17. stavrosmangaros

    stavrosmangaros Active Member

    I had the same issue with the bluetooth connection, i actually have no idea how it works but i dont think u want to do that, the previous patch had horrible lag while wireless. Someone said to let the controller die out of battery and then when u try to reconnect it wirelessly it will actually connect. I havent tried it. I say just use ur regular dualshock 4 till a better patch arrives.
  18. faisal_dev

    faisal_dev New Member

    Updated firmware to 1.02 beta of raiju ultimate but still has right thumbstick drift issue. Don't know what Razer is doing about it.
    So far feeling hopeless.
  19. GODzillaGSPB

    GODzillaGSPB Member

    Here is what I found out in the meantime: I got two Razer Raiju Tournament Editions. One for myself, another for a friend. They both had no lag, no drift and all axis are smoothly translating the movement into cursor output. I had that problem with my Razer Raiju Ultimate that input to the right sticks positive x-axis was translated with jumps in the cursor output, which made camera movement jumpy and unpredictable. I dunno if this is what other people called "drifting", might be the same issue.

    They have other small glitches, like one has a "loud" right trigger, the dampening there probably hasn't been applied correctly. Dunno, cannot look inside. It works perfectly fine though, the trigger I mean. The other has little ressistances on the right thumbsticks negative and positive y-axis. You can feel it while moving the thumbstick. But again, it works perfectly fine.

    From this whole experience, my conclusion is that a) it might be a hardware problem after all and b) the Ultimate is either exclusively suffering from this, or at least it is more likely with that model. Maybe because of the different thumbsticks, aluminium instead of plastic, with the exchangeable sticks and so on.

    My Razer Raiju Ultimate is currently in the process of being returned for a replacement. I will then later check whether that replacement is fine or not and if it is I might even sell it off, since the Raiju TE offers enough for me. Most of the features of the Ultimate I didn't even use.
  20. Looking forward for another beta-driver and hoping, in the meantime, that's not an hardware issue.

    Kindly, cheated possessor of Raiju Ultimate.
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