Raiju Ultimate (download beta firmware and how to reset?)

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by coveeverAureolin438, Nov 13, 2018.

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  1. coveeverAureolin438

    coveeverAureolin438 New Member

    Hi everyone
    Anyone know where can I download the beta firmware version (1.02) and how can I reset my controller?
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  2. Rox598

    Rox598 Keyblade Master

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  3. Razer.Winteryang

    Razer.Winteryang Ice Bear

    The BETA firmware was built with the intent of fixing a specific issue. With regards to this, I'd like to ask what issues are you experiencing with the Raiju Ultimate?
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  4. GODzillaGSPB

    GODzillaGSPB Member

    There are two ways to reset the controller. There is a very small opening below M4 which resets the controller, but does not remove any profile saved on it. So it's probably not a true factory reset. Then there is an option in the App that was suggested to me by the support. Though on first glance this just seems to wipe the App, not the controller itself.
  5. Albazzaz1987

    Albazzaz1987 New Member

    can i have the link for the raiju ultimate please
  6. I would like the link for razer raiju ultimate, sent if the problem is fixed

    my problems :
    ( the right stick drifts to the right and sometimes the joystick does anything and then goes out )
  7. Razer.Winteryang

    Razer.Winteryang Ice Bear

    What issue are you experiencing with the Raiju Ultimate though? I want to make sure we can provide you the right steps.

    Hey! I sent you a PM please check your inbox.
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  8. quickzone114

    quickzone114 New Member

    Can you send me it aswell?
  9. xRulsy

    xRulsy New Member

    Hello I need beta for my razer raiju ultimate after 4 refund controller not good again my joystick right Inuit lag can you send me beta please ?
  10. got an issue with input on the right stick not functioning correctly plus the bluetooth lag is just beyond insane.. wired everything seems better but still some noticable drift every now n then. would you be able to provide a link to 1.02?
  11. Razer.Winteryang

    Razer.Winteryang Ice Bear

    Sent you guys a message for the firmware update please check your inbox.
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  12. Hello! I need that firmware update too pls. Rru right stick its a mess
  13. JoseJr092

    JoseJr092 New Member

    I need this firmware update, my stick are crazy! Is unplayable
  14. fromsicily

    fromsicily New Member

    I've issue with right thumbstick drift. Can anyone send me the download link?
  15. Razer.Winteryang

    Razer.Winteryang Ice Bear

    I'd like to make sure we can provide the right firmware for your controller please check your inbox as I've sent you a message.
  16. PRODISH242

    PRODISH242 New Member

    If You provide beta still it would be great to test it
  17. sideeverJet265

    sideeverJet265 New Member

    Hello, I also have problems with my joysticks. I downloaded the firmware 1.01 but I still have issues with the right joystick which drifts towards the right or the left sometimes and the left joystick also. I feel so a little of input lag.
    Hope you can help me to resolve that. Thanks.
  18. techEggplantgeo535

    techEggplantgeo535 New Member

    I have a crazy input lag. any chance I can get the beta 1.20, too?
  19. dandadad

    dandadad New Member

    I have strong drifting on both sticks.

    could I get the beta Firmware too please?

    suggestion: would it be possible to add dead zone settings in the App?

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  20. NicoKajba

    NicoKajba New Member

    Hi ,

    i got the same drift issues as the other people in this topic , i tried to update the controller firmware and now its shut off .

    My Ps4 and my Mac doensnt connect anymore to the controller . I think i deleted the software or something like this . How can i reset to fabric settings again and will the firmware update help with the stick issues ?

    Please Help i like the controller but it is very frustating right now
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