Raiju Ultimate (download beta firmware and how to reset?)

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by coveeverAureolin438, Nov 13, 2018.

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  1. Bl4storbl4de

    Bl4storbl4de New Member

    Hi mods

    Could i have the download link for 1.02 firmware?
    So i've an another problem : the 3.5 audio jack for headphobes not working
  2. dandadad

    dandadad New Member

    Hi Mods.

    just trying to up this thread since it got no reply.

    the drifting is making some games unplayable. Culd I please get the newest beta Firmware else I have to return my Controller...
    (tried resetting etc, no success)

  3. SnerZ

    SnerZ New Member

    How I can reset (factory settings) my controller ? Press the little hole under the M4 doesn’t work !
  4. Chaovi19

    Chaovi19 New Member

    It should be wired when using 3.5 audio jack.
  5. link here 2 plz
  6. Bl4storbl4de

    Bl4storbl4de New Member

    Yes i used it but the audio dont't work...
    With my other pad i haven't any problem.
    Any tips?

    Thank you
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