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Ram for Blade Pro 17

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JJYODA, Jul 22, 2020.


    JJYODA New Member

    Hello, I need to upgrade my ram for my Blade Pro 17. Unfortunately the only information I get from Razer is DDR4 2933MHz memory. Would be nice to know what Razer has tested as compatible but they have no information to help. Has anyone installed 2x 32 GB ram ? What is the best option out there .

    thank you ,
  2. cjjacobs

    cjjacobs New Member

  3. Paqueras

    Paqueras New Member

    Hello, do you know if you can go higher than 2993 Mhz for the 15 Base Model?
  4. cjjacobs

    cjjacobs New Member

    From what I've been able to discern, it will will downclock higher clocked RAM to 2993Mhz.
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  5. sergeantash

    sergeantash New Member

    Hey, how did you get on with the upgrade in the end? Did you find ram which games without crashing?
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