Ran out of stock? You mad bruh?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by suessolucky, Jan 13, 2015.

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  1. I've seen a lot of post about some anger towards the sale since it didn't went smooth as everybody thought it will be. I hope you guys understand and just look forward to the remedial sale and hope it will be in a better system (in the sense of the sale, codes, stocks etc.) I myself wasn't able to do the sale, which is partially my fault since I didn't claim the code until a few minutes before the sale started and next thing I know I can't access the Insider.

    "The reason why we limit the orders to just products in stock is because if we allowed for backorders, our backlog of orders could go on for years. Our products are already insanely high in demand, and if we opened it up indefinitely, imagine the number of orders we'd get.

    Even our resellers and distributors would purchase here - because the price at 50% off is lower than their price. We'd need to basically shut down our entire business to handle just the sales from a single sale." - Min

    As stated by Min backorders and what not, is not really possible for this type of sale and if they did accept backorders they would be years behind. Which is really possible. So in my opinion let's just hope they re-stock their items in a vast amount. SO I CAN GET THAT BLACKWIDOW CHROMA 50% OFF!

    anyways best wishes to everyone for the Remedial Sale :)
Thread Status:
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