Razer 17 pro 165mhz QHD 2021

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JackLeach1, Oct 7, 2021.

  1. JackLeach1

    JackLeach1 New Member

    Had an order for this laptop on overclockers cancelled because its an end of life item.

    Just wondered if anyone had a clue if they are bringing out a new model or they are no longer producing it or if its just something like insane stock refill times.

    Really want this specific model over the others and its just impossible to get this anywhere in the uk without a hugely bloated price like on amazon.
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  2. TarikEmirTanyildizi

    TarikEmirTanyildizi New Member

    u must buy 4k 120 hrz screen i have blade 15 oled model she is so sexy with 4k war thunder with quality dlss i got generaly 90-120 hrz with ultra high settings and u must know how can u save the oled screen against to burn in problem so my tip is use the screen %30 brigness level is it same general ıps nomall brigness an it is so enought day time lights but when your screen directly fight to sun lights u must up to %60 brightnes level. never buy a mid class product on your life because 8 gb 3080 is okey for now but what will you do on future ? an of course there is a heat problem o this sexy body so u must have laptop stand (ı use chroma stand)
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