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Razer 2 charging port is terrible

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by centralBubblesgeo108, Jul 25, 2019.

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  1. The display on the phone is second to none on the market. Quality graphics, lightning speed, almost unreal gaming experience for a phone.

    Here's the problem. 5 months after I purchased the phone I was unable to charge the phone using a standard C-type connection. It seems the charging port has a substantial design flaw, its quality is the worst on any phone I've ever owned. I have a professional job, always protect my phone with case and screen protector and have never used a phone in any way outside of normal wear and tear such as.......plugging and unplugging it to charge the phone.

    I contacted Razer support once the phone was 100% unable to charge via the standard cord. After about a week of back and forth of them telling me to reboot my phone, scrub the cache and data, and factor resets I politely told them over and over it was the cord. Finally, they relented and admitted it was still under warranty and I was "entitled" to a reconditioned phone as a replacement. Wow....a used phone because of your design flaw. After some serious consideration I finally agreed because I need a phone and this one was a $700 paperweight. I could still charge wirelessly but gamers cant play and charge wirelessly very easily. I mailed the phone back to Razer per their instructions and they received it 4 days ago according to the FedEx tracking system. I have now sent 5 emails asking for an update and I have received nothing but the auto reply. At this time I have no idea if or when I will receive either my paperweight or a used phone back in the mail. Absolutely zero communication. So if someone out there gets a reconditioned phone that doesnt charge using the charging cord in the box, that's probably my phone and enjoy the paperweight!

    Do yourself a huge favor and buy Samsung before you waste money on this inferior product. I'm currently writing this review on my 2015 Samsung s7 that I had to turn back on when I mailed my Razer. It works great even after these 4 years and Samsung us a reputable company in my experience. Razer is a joke of a company that will go out of business.....again. The shareholders should run now, before their money goes to the same place my Razer 2 phone went......into thin air.
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