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Razer 2019 Laptops - UP KEY NEXT TO RIGHT SHIFT

Discussion in 'Systems' started by wizozzie, Apr 20, 2019.


Do you hit the "up" key in error while you are typing fast?

  1. I always hit the up key instead of shift and it screws me up.

  2. I have gotten used to the shorter shift key and it isn't a big deal.

  3. I didn't notice because I don't touch type or do productivity on this laptop.

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  1. wizozzie

    wizozzie New Member

    Hey everyone:

    Am I the only one that's severely pissed off about the up key being put next to the right shift button?

    I ALWAYS hit it. It's a disaster. I have to type off scripts and speeches, and when I go to do a capital letter or any symbol on the left side of the keyboard, I end up pressing "up" which puts me on another line, changes the field I'm working on, or worse... I don't notice it and several minutes later I've got a steaming pile of text because the cursor has moved so much it's undecipherable. This needs to be RECALLED. It's GARBAGE.

    I KNOW that I can macro that key, but WOW, this is a 2K plus computer, it needs to be right in the basics of input. It's CRAP!

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  2. figrin1

    figrin1 Well-Known Member

    Not everyone who touch types uses the right shift key...

    I don't care about it at all. I know it's a dealbreaker to a lot of people though.
  3. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    I didn't even realize this could be an issue, because I only use the left shift key.
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  4. Lauski

    Lauski New Member

    Any time you change what's been standard forever, I really wanna smack some designer around with a large trout.

    Also like you know.. PCs have two mouse buttons, not one. This is not a MacBook. I want my distinguishable buttons back. Many reasons. Not gonna get started. Your thread. We're complaining about... keyboard layouts :smile_:
  5. awilson3342

    awilson3342 New Member

    I didnt realize I use the right shift key till i got my 2019 Stealth... That being said, i have adapted to the keyboard after a little time
  6. NetCrash

    NetCrash New Member

    That's what I heard... that it is time to try and train yourself to use the left shift? key? and then it won't bother you... i need to type more on this keyboard? but of course, it's like option 3 said -- the laptop is less about typing than it is about gaming :)
  7. iDATUS

    iDATUS Active Member

    its like that to make it more aesthetically pleasing.
    I have an idea on how to improve it but I would have to speak to design team and they probably a) don't talk to anyone and b) no one likes other peoples great ideas these days.
  8. TK-1987

    TK-1987 Well-Known Member

    What's a shift key? Do you mean the sprint key?

    Jokes aside. . .I actually agree with alot of those that don't like it. Razer used to have the up and down arrows small so they were between the left and right arrows. And that was below the shift key. Out of the way. While not perfect it's not something you'd want while typing. I did all of my college homework by typing it out on my Blade 14 years ago. And I did use the up and down keys to correct mistakes when checking my typing. I can imagine me pressing the wrong key with this new layout unless I looked down.

    Hopefully they change that when they revamp the keyboard...or maybe they'll move it up another row.
  9. InsoMia

    InsoMia Member

    I tend to hit the right fn key when trying to press ctrl without looking, and right fn key when trying to press right arrow without looking. The up arrow is not too big of an issue for me.
  10. awilson3342

    awilson3342 New Member

    Well, I can definitely now say after typing on my Macbook air(2017 model) I use for work now, I notice a huge difference all around when I type on it vs the Razer. Not sure if its the deeper key strokes or not but I find im much more accurate in my typing on the mac. Still love my Razer for most tasks, but for on the go in the work truck, Ill take the Mac rather than risking my expensive Razer.
  11. TK-1987

    TK-1987 Well-Known Member

    Ok I've changed my mind. Anytime I'm typing and have to type a "?" I almost always hit the up key. Oh that's going on the list of cons Razer.
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