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Razer Advanced 15 (240hz) Higher FPS on External Monitor

Discussion in 'Systems' started by kosborn, Mar 17, 2020.

  1. kosborn

    kosborn New Member

    Strange issue - I'm getting higher FPS on Fortnite via my External HDMI monitor versus when I run the game on the Razer laptop Panel. I've configured Fortnite to use the High-performance NVIDIA processor via the NVIDIA Control Panel (oddly enough, via Task Manager, I see the Intel UHD GPU is more highly utilized than the GeForce RTX 2080).

    Any ideas why an external monitor performs better? It's an old Hanns-G monitor, nothing special.
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  2. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Maybe drivers (Intel/Nvidia) issue that doesn’t use the nvidia properly since on internal display iGPU controls the monitor even it use Nvidia for performance. On DP port and HDMI port they’re using directly Nvidia gpu without asking cpu to output the data. With right drivers you shouldn’t see the performance difference between internal and external on blade laptops, unless you’re doing wrong like mirroring the display or the game has optimus bugs that disabling nvidia on internal screen.
  3. kosborn

    kosborn New Member

    Thanks, @Joikansai

    Hopefully something that will get resolved in a future driver (or game) update. The quest for the best performance never ends (especially on Gaming laptops)! :)
  4. kosborn

    kosborn New Member

    So...I figured out how to bypass the Intel GPU and get much higher FPS using the Nvidia GPU and an external monitor connected to HDMI:
    • Press Function F4 to switch the Display to 'Second Screen Only' (this shuts off the Laptop display but you can still use the keyboard).
    After doing this and gaming I saw 0% utilization on the Intel GPU via Task Manager and all of the utilization was occurring via Nvidia.

    I'm not sure if this effectively disables Optimus but it seems to be the case.

    Now I need to get a mini Displayport to Displayport adapter and connect to 240Hz external display to see if that improves things even further (notably by being able to eliminate screen tears).
  5. kosborn

    kosborn New Member

    BTW, I got the idea for this via this YouTube video that was released today - very timely and informative!
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