Razer AFK @ Kuala Lumpur

Discussion in 'RazerStore & AFKs' started by RazerSapiyo, Aug 22, 2017.

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  1. Srnity

    Srnity Active Member

    That is awesome to see Min interacting with the fans like that!

    I wish there was a Razer AFK event during the Dreamhack Montreal :) that would be great!!!
  2. naivula

    naivula New Member

    im still kinda new to the new zVault system, but what is a warning point?
  3. Srnity

    Srnity Active Member

    @naivula this one thing that I can think of when he talks about warning points, is that he is too close to the limit!
  4. naivula

    naivula New Member

    Limit of what?
  5. Srnity

    Srnity Active Member

    As far as I know, and I could be wrong, but I believe the limit of points you are allowed to have is 300,000 so he could be close to that! Once you have reached the 300,000 no more point will accumulate until you redeem your said points.
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  6. JianXD

    JianXD New Member

    wow when is the next event?
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  7. Hardcorps

    Hardcorps New Member

    I need to go to one of these events. Looks like so much fun ;-;. Also need to make it a thing to drive up to San Francisco from LA to check out the Razer Store. I wish they had one here in LA.
  8. azls73

    azls73 New Member

    I would love to have that sticker paste on my Cap !! Can we buy it then ?
  9. Mitsos88

    Mitsos88 New Member

    Nice event.I would love to be in one like this!
  10. iXoiex

    iXoiex Member

    wow! wish I was there... unfortunately, I haven't discovered Razer Insider yet during that time.
  11. mjmillonte

    mjmillonte New Member

    Hoping to experience this kind of event here in the Philippines. It would be awesome
  12. FCRhero

    FCRhero New Member

    good job fixe
  13. burrbaby2

    burrbaby2 New Member

    wish i could make it
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  14. digz6666

    digz6666 New Member

    When is the next Razer AFK event? Really wish I'd go there :3
  15. can razer geta shop in norway. its very hard to get the laptops without toll. i really want a shop i can walk in to here in norway pleas get a shop or something so i can buy the new razer blade 15
  16. bestLavenderPink800

    bestLavenderPink800 New Member

    hi whats uppp??
  17. 416AFKFARM

    416AFKFARM New Member

    DANG SON that was awesome, wish i was there :)
  18. que espectaculo de evento
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  19. Bb61012

    Bb61012 New Member

    very nice=)
  20. Phipsiking4

    Phipsiking4 New Member

    Nice work dude
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