Razer Atheris - BT problems

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Mr_THUeN, Mar 25, 2020.

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  1. Mr_THUeN

    Mr_THUeN New Member

    Hey there!
    I have a pretty new Razer Atheris and for some reason it stopped working on my Computer.
    First I connected it with my Surface Pro4 an a few weeks later to my Omen Laptop. A few days later the bluetooth connection stopped working. I even can't remove/unpair the mouse on both devices. I tried to remove it via Windows settings and via the device manager. And if I try to pair it again, it wont be found.
    I also tried the firmware update, but it says there is the new version installed.
    My girlfriends laptop is able to pair with my mouse. I think, cause it is the first time.
    It just works with the 2.4 GHz dongle on my devices.

    Pls help me,
  2. Mr_THUeN

    Mr_THUeN New Member

    I couldn't solve this problem. Would be nice if anyone is able to help me please.
  3. b1ackcoffee

    b1ackcoffee New Member

    Same issue. Any help appreciated. Is razer listening?
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