Razer Betty Died (2014)?

Discussion in 'Systems' started by FlashFire, Mar 18, 2017.

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  1. My Razer Blade 2014 battery died when it turned off due to overheating. The battery is always reported between 30-35% by Windows. I did a full windows reset to make sure it wasn't an OS issue. The laptop will saying "35% not charging" and when unplugged from power it will instantly die. Since the day before the battery was acting normal, I'm guessing that it's either something in the battery died or the motherboard has some issue. Any tips to trouble shoot would be great, the 120 dollars to send it into Razer is a lot for my college student budget.

    I'm fine using it as a desktop other than the laptop will try to draw too much power from the wall and turn off.
  2. lolcheese987

    lolcheese987 Member

    have you tried opening it up to check if the battery connectors aren't out of whack?
  3. HypocriticalIdiot

    HypocriticalIdiot Active Member

    Maybe your battery has simply died
  4. I've looked at the battery I can't find anything wrong with it visually. There is some rubbery stuff near the connector but it looks like that was there originally.

    @Hypocritical, There are 6 cells inside of the battery which I believe is what makes the battery so expensive, the chances of all 6 cells dying at one time is pretty low.

    Picture of the battery: Battery.jpg
  5. Tiny_Dinosaur

    Tiny_Dinosaur Member

    Sounds like your battery is just dead.
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