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Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by CristianoK, Dec 16, 2020.

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  1. CristianoK

    CristianoK New Member

    I recently bought razer blacksharks v2 pro. I don’t know anything about eq equalizer settings. I’m a Chinese player. I don’t have this forum in China, and razer doesn’t have players like g hub to share, so I want to ask for help. I want csgo. eq setting, I tried many times and it was not ideal, so is there any knowledgeable player to help me
  2. o_constante

    o_constante New Member

    Hi, I have the Blackshark V2, non pro, but I think the sound is barely the same. I just use the THX Competitive Mode on Mixer settings and it sounds great for me.
    You just need to set the settings to manual and set csgo to that mode.

    Hope I helped you and good matches ;)
  3. Daemonus1982

    Daemonus1982 New Member

    I also have purchased the Blackshark v2...but i have a problem with TXH compatible games such as COD , Division 2 and RDR 2 , because when i set it on manual...and with THX Competitive or Environment mode ON, it gives me a strange ECHO/Reverb like i am in a bathroom or something...note that my whole system went with that echo..not only the games but also discord and youtube, if u know a fix ..please help!
  4. o_constante

    o_constante New Member

    Sorry, but I never had sound problems with mine, so the only help I can give you is to try in another computers if you can, like an old or a friend's computer, if the problem persists it can be a failure of your pair and you might consider use the warranty.
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