Razer BlackWidow Chroma vs. Corsair K70 RGB

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Adeni, Jan 19, 2015.

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  1. Adeni

    Adeni Member

    Hello everyone!
    I've been watching some reviews about the Razer Blackwidow Chroma on youtube, and I can't help but notice that ever single time there's some jackass in the comments yelling stuff like:

    "blah blah Corsair K70 RGB, ...blah blah... Cherry MX, ..blah blah..".
    *Actual quote, true story! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:*

    And it got me wondering what the difference now really is between the switches on the Blackwidow and the Cherry MX switches. However I can't seem to find a good comparison between the two. It's always both camps just yelling who's better, but noone seems to know WHY. I have yet to find a good argumented comparison between the two and I am pretty darn curious now.

    Just to be clear: I do not wish to start the "we are better - no WE are better" fight again. I want to see clear arguments on the differences between the two types of switches on the keyboards.

  2. CuTTyFlaM

    CuTTyFlaM New Member

    Technically, it's just that the Razer switches do not recquire as much pressure to meet the point where the key activates. Besides that, it is said that to be more robust and endure 10 millions more pushes.
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  3. JapSeyz

    JapSeyz Active Member

    I have only tried the BlackWidow, but the Apex M800 looks interesting IMO, so although I can't tell you the differences, I think this is a very biased place to ask.

    A place like LinusTechTips' forum might be a better place to ask TBH.
  4. Adeni

    Adeni Member

    Yeah, Linus did a comparison video with the two, but it wasn't really helpful. Which is weird cause usually I really like his videos.
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  5. Blurred4

    Blurred4 Member

    Corsair has a better quality build. I mean better material, but I still prefer Razer for the following reason:
    1 the software is easier to use
    2 brigheter leds

    I think Razer sue kahli switches or something like that and they are cheaper.
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  6. JapSeyz

    JapSeyz Active Member

    Ah okay.

    I have been keeping an eye on the SteelSeries Apex M800, because it looks pretty interesting, but I might just stick with the BlackWidow Chroma because I've had an extremely pleasant run with my current BlackWidow.

    I haven't tried to Corsair, so I can't speak for that Keyboard, unfortunately.
  7. demiise

    demiise Member

    Pc Per do a bit of a summary here:


    As CuTTy_FL4M says, in essence it just seems to be where the actuation points sits.

    In reality, I'd imagine most people wouldn't be able to feel a noticable difference.
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  8. southerncapo

    southerncapo New Member

    Has anyone here noticed a difference with the chroma keyboard when it comes to gaming, has the ability to customize the keys to light up a certain way help you with your hotkeys in games or is it more of just for show?
  9. MellowBuck

    MellowBuck New Member

    Razer switches are made in the Kahil factory and people just assume that means they are junk so they say the K70 is better because they use Cherry switches but I have used both and have never had any issues but it becomes the "Mine is better!" argument very quickly. I have found that the switches feel a bit different as the Razer switches take a little less pressure to actuate and they sound a bit softer with the click on the greens. I haven't had any issues with either set of switches so I think it comes down to preference.
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  10. XInfinitasX

    XInfinitasX New Member

    They're both pretty quality keyboards it all comes to brand preferences and activation depth preference
  11. Lycurgus396

    Lycurgus396 New Member

    I have it and really love the product, but make sure you do all your research, if you get the wrong one then it can be a pain.
  12. They are both good, but if u already have other razer gear, I suggest you stay in "razer's world"
  13. AhDrew

    AhDrew New Member

    They're both pretty quality keyboards, I like Razer's activation depth more.
  14. MaxTK

    MaxTK New Member

    Besides gaming, how about normal daily use such as typing documents?
  15. SteelShana

    SteelShana New Member

    People just assume any non-Cherry switches are shit. Especially since Kailh has some history of being "bad cheap immitations". I don't know about K70 but I tried typing on BlackWidow with CherryMX blue and with Razer green switches and there is little difference. Razer feels lighter, probably because of that higher actuation point (can human fingers really sense that small difference? Amazing!). Its very comfortable for writing. I'm writing here partially because I felt like typing something ;)
  16. viirevox

    viirevox Member

    The thing I still can't seem to understand when I read or see folks talking about these keyboards online - folks keep arguing about the "build quality" between the keyboards themselves in terms of why one is "better" than the other one. However, all the points that are mentioned during this seem to be points of preference and nothing more. Arguing over things like that is like fighting over your favorite color. I'm about to use the word "preference" a lot.


    The aluminum body on the Corsair as compared to plastic on the Razer. Alright. So, the aluminum body is the "tougher" build here. However, why exactly would a desktop keyboard need that? Personally, my keyboard sits on my desk all day and doesn't move. Having my keyboard made out of a "tougher" material to survive the hazards of sitting on my desk all day makes absolutely no difference to me. In fact, whether it's aluminum or plastic, the main desk hazard that most of us have - drinks - will still kill or damage both. Now, if you are moving your computer often - I could see how an individual would want a keyboard constructed out of "tougher" material.. but again, personal preference there.

    Lighting preference is another one... because of how the keys sit on the Blackwidow (semi-shrouded) vs the Corsair (not really shrouded at all) - the color "bleeding" and how the colors are perceived on each key is different to some. Some prefer one, while others prefer the other. Again, personal preference.

    Macro keys? Some use them, some don't. Personal preference.

    Having a side-by-side comparison sheet of what switches are used in each keyboard would be great - but again, there's also personal preference involved there too. Do you want a higher actuated switch, or a lower one? Soft presses or hard ones? Preference.

    I feel like I need to say preference again... lol :D
  17. demiise

    demiise Member

    Well said.

    In essence, let's be grateful that we have so much choice. Now go out and try them all, and choose which one YOU like the best!


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  18. SigmaShotz

    SigmaShotz New Member

    I have both the k70 and chroma which i got from CES. Razer Blackwidow is heavier apparently even with the aluminium body. It makes a different definitely k70 looks more professional use and something that could use for a working place. While the blackwidow looks really cool for gamers. I love both keyboard and there's a difference between the both of them but they stand out pretty much in their own way. Try both and pick the one that suits you more. K70 with the arm rest helps alot while Blackwidow has macrokeys. So take your time and choose wisely or buy both :D like me
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  19. demiise

    demiise Member

    I have the K70, purely because I like Cherry Reds. I must admit, I do like the nice black aluminium look, and it feels solid, but if Razer released a keyboard with Red equivalents, then I'd certainly consider switching. Especially for the Chroma... the Corsair RGB software is complex to say the least!! Decided to stick with the non RGB just because I don't want to study a degree to programme the thing. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  20. Agreed. I used both. Bought a K70 and returned it for a BW Chroma. Very happy with the decision.
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