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razer blackwidow died

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by rafakiler11, Aug 13, 2020.

  1. rafakiler11

    rafakiler11 New Member

    i bought a new razer blakciwodw chroma keyboard yesterday and it was working just fine but today when i turned on my pc it is just dead wont turn on i have uninstaled everything and instaled it back again didnt work i have restarted my pc like 10 times by now and i have tried changin the usb ports and even tried it on a difrent computer to see if that wold work but nothing worked is there any chance this can be a driver error and if so how can i install the drivers because my pc isnt recognising it at all unless i plug it in while holding fn and if i do plug it in while holding fn i just get a notification saying its starting razer bootloader and nothing else happens.
  2. greasytoad

    greasytoad New Member

    Razer have so many software problems, I'm waiting for my kit to die and I'm going to logitech
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