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Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Razer.WolfPack, Aug 31, 2018.

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  1. jakw0lf

    jakw0lf Well-Known Member

    Still rocking my previous gen Blackwidow Elite green switch edition. :cool_:
  2. Jessop59

    Jessop59 New Member

    it's an amazing board - I bought two - One with Green switches and one with Yellow switches - Love them both -
    Overall best mechanical keyboards I've ever used - and I own about 10 - 4 corsair K70's with various switches and 6 Razer boards
    Corsair are now all gathering dust due mainly to the rattling space bars and crappy MX rattling Stabilizers.
    the bad stuff on the new Razer boards is the low quality flimsy volume control - both my boards have faulty volume wheels .
    the one is scratchy and feels like it scraping against something and the other one is inaccurate and jumps all over the place - - pity that Razer chose to put lucky packet level Volume wheels on their best boards to date -
    I forked out $30 and got myself a Drok - lossless volume wheel from Amazon -
    Overall I'm still happy with the Blackwidow Elite boards -
    My suggestion for future Razer Keyboards
    1. all Metal case - top and bottom
    2.High quality volume wheel
    3. lose the media buttons - they belong on a DJ deck - not a keyboard - they are pure gimmick trash - but if you do decide to keep them - at least make them mechanical - use the same switches as the rest of the board - not rubber dome
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  3. Rexcrafter

    Rexcrafter New Member

    Seems pretty dope, but still a little bugged to see the Macro keys are gone. Hypershift is a lot less practical and just seems like more steps to do the same thing as before.
  4. Jessop59

    Jessop59 New Member

    News update - I found out that I actually prefer smaller boards for many reasons - I've ditched using all normal keyboards with numpads and moved to a 75% keyboard as my daily driver
    I'm now using a Vortex Race 3 and from the looks of things I'll never go back to a large board - in reality - what's the actual use of a numpad ? just takes up extra space -
    Once I tasted the freedom of a smaller board with the extra space on the right for the mouse - it's very difficult to go back -
    TKL is prob the biggest I'l ever go again
    Also the quality of the Vortex race 3 is on another level altogether -
    ALL METAL CASE- and price $140 ish - why would I want to use a large resonant unreliable Plastic box ever again - ?
    An all metal TKL from Razer would be the only thing I'd consider in the future -
    I'm never throwing my money away to plastic boxes ever again
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  5. ArceusHui

    ArceusHui New Member

    The best keyboard! Especially with the clicky green switch.
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  6. gamalaptop

    gamalaptop New Member

    Great! See what the video doesn't understand, until the keyboard appears!
  7. Kenserky

    Kenserky Well-Known Member

    I've just got 240k silvers tonight, finally gonna redeem one.

    Thanks a lot Razer.
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  8. pacmac

    pacmac New Member

    I have bought this keyboard and having problems to use the drivers.. I can use the keyboard, but Razer software and drivers doesn't recognize it.

    EDIT: I have installed another Razer Synapse version, version 3, and now I can configure my keyboard on it. But the app that is installed with Razer_BlackWidowUltimate_Driver_v1.05 still doesn't recognize my keyboard and closes itself.
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  9. Rei_En

    Rei_En New Member

  10. negative_0_zer0

    negative_0_zer0 New Member

    Right? The macro keys were a 'key' deciding factor in my purchase of the Black Widow.
  11. 777ANarhist777

    777ANarhist777 New Member

    вуу крутоо не хочет софт работать в виндовс 7 сук((
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