Razer Blackwidow/v2 Integration LOL(League Of Legends)

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  1. M1sterMidNight

    M1sterMidNight New Member

    BlackWidow keyboard all know it, and has chroma integration in many well-known games such as:
    - Dota
    - CS GO
    - Overwatch
    - etc...
    And now I ask myself, why not chroma integration in LOL or League of Legends as you want it to be. I do not think a bad idea and I am sure that many users of razer products play LOL and I think having a chroma integration could lead to a lot of people buying razer products but also improving the gameplay of who already has them.
    For example:
    Skills when in cooldown would be blinking red and when they were ready to use they would be green, the Speels D, F would be In yellow when they were red and off when cooldown.
    The keys from 1 to 7 without counting 4 would be blank or another color intended by the developers, would be of that color and when there was any item that could be activated this key would flash and when this activation item had in cooldown it would turn red or (q, w, e, r) or with the spells (d, f)
    And from F1 to F6 could be the hp bar represented, from F7 to F12 it was the mana bar.
    And the macros keys could be green if the enemies were alive or dead. For example if 2 enemies were dead the first two macros would turn red and the remaining 3 green.
    When you were attacked by a enemygo or hit by something the keyboard would blink, when you ignite it could blink orange, and poison could blink green.
    When you die the keyboard would have a gray overall color.

    I do not know if you think it's a good idea, tell me if you like it and like to share it with an admin and see if we can make this idea come true. And if they think that something could be changed from suggestions.
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