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Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by danielfmo, Aug 2, 2021.

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  1. danielfmo

    danielfmo New Member


    I recently bought a Blackwidow V3 mini but I can't control the lighting effects when the keyboard is connected through Bluetooth.

    I set the lighting effects to static white and saved the profile to the keyboard. This works on both USB and Hyperspeed.
    Though when connect through Bluetooth the LEDs stay cycling though all colors. Even keyboard shortcuts to turn effect off of change effect does not work. e.g. Fn + CTRL + 0

    Thank you in advance
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  2. Handfratze

    Handfratze New Member

    "Lights off" is actually Fn+Ctrl+1, and on my Blackwidow V3 Mini in Bluetooth mode it works just fine...
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  3. danielfmo

    danielfmo New Member

    But it doesn't on mine! Anyway to have firmware revisions or factory reset this thing?
  4. Handfratze

    Handfratze New Member

    Got mine three days ago. I have already messed around a lot, but I tested before posting here and it still works. In the Razer Support download section there is no firmware update for the Blackwidow V3 Mini, yet. So we should have the same firmware...

    Really strange...

    Maybe try factory reset in Synapse? (under settings [gearwheel icon in the upper right of synapse])

    I couldn't find my firmware version, otherwise I would have postet it here.

    Good Luck!
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  5. Handfratze

    Handfratze New Member

    Think I found the solution by accident: Key press order matters!

    CTRL + Fn + 1 = CTRL + F1
    Fn + CTRL + 1 = Chroma off
  6. danielfmo

    danielfmo New Member

    Reset done and independently of the connection (BLE,HYPERSPEED or USB) I can't control lighting from the keyboard itself.
    Tried both CTRL keys and no effect.

    Fn + CTRL + number does not work in my keyboard.
  7. Handfratze

    Handfratze New Member

    Sorry... I ran out of ideas... :frown_:
  8. Handfratze

    Handfratze New Member

    HA! I think I've got it!

    "Fn + ctrl + 1 to 7" give you some standard Chroma effects, but ONLY when Synapse 3 is NOT running on the system you are connected to!

    When SynWhen3 is running on the system, then you can change the Profile using:
    Fn + C

    Problem solved? ( I'm reeeally curious...)
  9. Assassassin6969

    Assassassin6969 New Member

    Im currently dealing with a very similar issue! Only with the same problem effecting me when using hyperspeed! The keyboard either doesn't light up at all or cycles randomly, when I've chosen static!
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  10. Schroef

    Schroef New Member

    They dont clearly state thihs, but the shortcuts for manually changing lights and presets using ctrl_fn + 1-7 only works whe synapse 3 is not running. Otherwise it will default to the color setting used in the app. If you want to use those shortcuts, exit synapse and then it does work. If you click the number again you will cycle through the colors, or change the directio when using mode 5, i believe that is the color shift from left to right or right to left.
  11. Schroef

    Schroef New Member

    Where do have docs about that FN + C, have not found that and does not work for me. Not sure what it should do. The C does light up with FN pressed, but it has no secondary text on the button.

    I jsut noticed when going into keyboard and then hyperspeed, hovering over C it states "Cycleup profile"
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