Razer BlackWidow X TE Chroma always reset to spectrum cycling

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by ardy19, Dec 24, 2017.


any one have this issue?

  1. yes

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  1. ardy19

    ardy19 New Member

    hi there im just own this keyboard, i have a problem
    everytime i turn on PC or when enter windows lock screen
    all lighting setting in my keyboard just gone, and it set back to " spectrum cycling"

    the synapse add one layer "spectrum cycling" and hide my custom layer.
    i must re set this everytime and so annoying.

    i try in 3 different computer, in windows 10 64 bit and windows 7 32 bit
    i try uninstal and re instal razer synapse
    i try create new razer account
    i try all my usb port. :D

    no luck

    can anyone help me please? i contact razer support with no exact answer

    this is video what i mean
    when pc goes to sleep

    when pc goes to restart or turn off

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  2. ChiefNieth

    ChiefNieth Active Member

    Happens to me also, I don't think it's a glitch (I use the Ornata)
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  3. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Didn’t happen to me, same BWX Te owner. After sleep my costum or default specs keep the profile, maybe it didn’t update because profiles I think will be kept online, notice it when i just start the pc (it’s not online yet) and the keyboard is flashing the profile before sleep/shutdown and after entering windows and synapse is recognized by cloud it would recover the profile.
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  4. RazerSapiyo

    RazerSapiyo Community

    Hi @ardy19 , you mentioned you contacted support, could you reply me on PM with the case ID?
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